Launched in 1975 as the first campus radio in Canada, CKCU-FM 93.1 is not only an integral part of CARLETON UNIVERSITY, but it is also ‘Ottawa’s Community Radio Station’ that is broadcasting seven days a week around the clock. Transmitting its programs to an audience within a 100 km radius, that is the National Capital Region and beyond, it is also streaming live on the internet.

Radio CKCU-FM93.1/Literary News


In 2010, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary, ‘CKCU, The Mighty 93.1’ as the station is frequently being called, launched the internet-based broadcasting service CKCU Literary News which is currently producing four programs:

  • CKCU LitNews-1   Literatures in Europe Today, produced and hosted by Hans G. Ruprecht;
  • CKCU LitNews-2   Les Actualités littéraires dans le monde francophone, produced and hosted by Hans G. Ruprecht;
  • Paroles d’Afrique, une émission animée par Antoine Houlou-Garcia à Paris, pour CKCU/Literary News.
  • Littérature maghgrébine (prochainement).
  • CKCU LitNews-3 / Das literarische Echo. Deutschsprachige Literatur im Gespräch, produced and co-hosted by Hans G. Ruprecht & Helmut Zobl.
  • CKCU LitNews-4  Noticias literarias de Latinoamérica / Latin American literatures, produced with Alberto Quero.

These programs can be heard alternately, Wednesdays, 9:30-10:00 a.m. EST (Canada), locally on FM 93.1, and on worldwide stream. Currently we are

4 hours before Greenwich time.


CKCU-Literary News STREAM

Shortly after shows have been aired, all episodes of CKCU LitNews1-5 are posted on PLAYLIST (liste d’écoute, Abspielliste, lista de reproducción) for free downloading on demand. Older audio files are available as Podcast  (baladodiffusion) (.mp3 files in English, French, German, and partly in Spanish). Many audio files of CKCU LitNews-3 have been saved for easy downloading in the archive of Das literarische Echo at

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CKCU LitNews on LinkedIn  t (@ckculitnews) Fb Hans G. Ruprecht

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