This year, Shaninomi Eribo, an MPNL graduate student, receives an MPNL Award for Black Emerging Fundraising Professionals.

Thanks to generous donor support, Carleton University offers this award to Black Students in the MPNL program.

“Racialised communities in Canada, particularly Black Canadians and people of African descent, continue to face ongoing systemic barriers to accessing social services and economic opportunities,” Eribo says.

“According to 2021 data from the CMHC, almost 73% of people own their own homes in Canada. However, only about 45% of Blacks own their own homes, the lowest level of home ownership amongst any group. The 2021 Ontario census also found that while blacks are the second largest visible minority group in Ontario, they earn the lowest average income for all visible minority groups combined, with an average annual income of $35,580. Given the prevailing housing crisis, home ownership may continue to remain a dream for many in the Black community.”–Shaninomi Eribo

“As a Black fundraiser with strong passions around the intersections of green, affordable, and inclusive housing delivery, I recognize the role that I must play in working with key stakeholders to co-create initiatives that dismantle systemic barriers, build housing-trade-related skills, increase access to economic opportunity, and increase access to housing/home ownership within the Black community,” Eribo adds. “And as a soon-to-be graduate of the MPNL program, I couldn’t feel more empowered to embark on this journey.”

Eribo also received the MPNL Social Innovation Fellowship Award in 2023.

Please visit PANL Perspectives for stories from past recipients of the MPNL Award for Black Emerging Fundraising Professionals, and click here for info about how people can donate to this award.

Banner photo is courtesy of Jamshed Khedri.

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