Recently, the MPNL program recognized the tremendous work of Cornelia Duck, Jo-Anne Ryan and Keith Sjögren, all three of whom are founding members of the MPNL program’s Advisory Council, a group of highly experienced professionals and creative leaders in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

Dr. Susan Phillips, Professor and Graduate Supervisor of the MPNL program, presented the recognition plaques to Cornelia and Jo-Anne, both of whom have assisted in keeping the programs updated about trends and issues for the past 10 years.


Keith Sjögren has done the same for a decade, and is also the Chair of the Advisory Council.

His commitment to Carleton University — and to the MPNL program in particular — has been extraordinary. He began his studies in political science at Carleton 55 years ago, and has been the Chair of the Advisory Council to the MPNL and DPNL programs for the past 10 years. Dr. Phillips presented him with a plaque at Carleton University’s campus.

“I’m a firm believer that if you’re passionate about a cause, you should support the cause,” he once said. “The MPNL program is the gold standard for education about the sector.”


Together, with the other members of the Advisory Council, Cornelia, Jo-Anne and Keith act as sounding boards for students, faculty and instructors.

The Advisory Council has no control over curriculum decisions and academic matters, but they have a vital role in collaborating with MPNL students and in connecting the program to professional practices and external networks.

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