In this research, we address resourced-constrained mobile devices’ ability to get computing support from external sources. This could enhance the performance of their applications and extend their battery life by resource augmentation techniques where more powerful computing sources support the mobile devices. We investigate this in the context of both Cyber Foraging Systems where supporting computing sources exist within the local network and Mobile Cloud environment where these sources exist in the cloud.

Journal papers

M. Nir, A. Matrawy, and M. St-Hilaire, “Economic and Energy Considerations for Resource Augmentation in Mobile Cloud Computing”, accepted (2015) for publication in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing .

Invited talks

A. Matrawy, “Challenges in Resource Augmentation for Mobile Environments”, Presentation given twice at Simon Fraser University’s School of Engineering Science (Host: Prof. Trjkovic) and at the University of Victoria’s Department of Computer Science (Host: Prof. Pan) . Both presentations were hosted by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society joint Chapter of the Vancouver/Victoria Sections

Conference papers and refereed presentations

M. Nir, A. Matrawy, and M. St-Hilaire, “Challenges of Task Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing Environments”, A presentation (refereed on abstract) to the 56th Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Annual Conference, Ottawa, ON, Canada, May 2014. M. Nir, A. Matrawy, and M. St-Hilaire Optimizing Energy Consumption in Broker-Assisted Cyber Foraging Systems” , Proc. of the 28th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2014), Victoria, BC, May 2014 M. Nir, A. Matrawy, and M. St-Hilaire An Energy Optimizing Scheduler for Mobile Cloud Computing Environments” , Proc. of the IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing, Toronto, ON, April 2014 M. Nir and A. Matrawy, “Centralized Management of Scalable Cyber Foraging Systems”, Proc. of the 4th International Conference on Emerging Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks (EUSPN-2013), Niagara Falls, ON, November 2013. M. Nir and A. Matrawy, “A Density Mapping Algorithm for Supporting Cyber Foraging Service Networks”, Proc. of the 14th International Symposium on Multimedia Network Systems and Applications (MNSA-2012), Victoria, BC, November 2012.