1. Director
  2. Ph.D. Candidates
  3. Master’s Students
  4. Alumni
  5. Alumni Master’s Students (Cont’d)
  6. Fourth Year Senior Projects (Total of 78 students)


Ph.D. Candidates

Master’s Students


Alumni Master’s Students (Cont’d)

  • Tharanga Ekanayake, M.Eng.
  • Bruna Freitas (co-supervised with Prof. Biddle), M.ASc.
  • El-Dalati (co-supervised with Prof. Makrakis), M.ASc.
  • Saeideh Ashtarifar, M.ASc.
  • Kashif Mahmoud (co-supervised with Prof. Kunz), M.ASc.
  • Abes Dabir (Senate Medal for outstanding academic achievement), M.ASc.
  • Fadi El-Hassan, M.ASc.
  • Jian Zhu (co-supervised with Prof. Lambadaris), M.ASc.
  • Ghada Ragab, M.Eng.
  • Amisu Salam-Alada, M.Eng.
  • Craig Smith, M.Eng.

Fourth Year Senior Projects (Total of 78 students)

  • (Fall 2018 / Winter 2019): Photoing Services on Next Generation Mobile Networks using 5G-EmPOWER
    Group1 – Ali Ayyash, Sinclair Dacombe, Taewoo Kim, Fahim Tarin
    Group2 – Andrew Arthur, Anthony Bradt, Samuel Iwuno, Jonathan Robertson, Timmy Yip
  • Group(Fall 2016 / Winter 2017): Implementing Network Security Applications in Open-Source SDN Networks
    Ryan Brink, Kurtis Deru, Ryan Heath, John Morrison, Paul Seguin
  • Group(Fall 2015 / Winter 2016):
    Creating and Managing SDN Nodes and Applications
    Gustavo Baron, Wesley Cooper, Craig Labute, Nicholas Landriault, Sean O’riordan
  • Group(Fall 2014 / Winter 2015):
    Creating and Managing SDN Nodes and Applications
    Dino Mesic, Lakshay Ramdhony, Jacob Stec, Julian Teakle, Patryk Zochowski
  • Group(Fall 2013 /Winter 2014):
    Managing network security operations using software routers and SDN controllers
    T. Van Pelt, R. Ormsby, P. Macosso, K. Madaparthi
    Developing a Collaborative Mobile Application
    J. Essiambre, A. Kerr, M. St-John, A. Wong
  • Group(Fall 2012 /Winter 2013):
    Software Defined Networking
    C. Verge, D. McNamee, A. Snajder, E. Platt, K. Huang
    Offering SaaS on an Open Source Private Cloud
    Group1 – K. Dawd, J. Lim, J. Mok, J. Nakibuuka, D. Whitwill
    Group2 – M. Baigent, A. Budilovskiy, K. Kratz, N. Stern, M. Trew
    Commutroid – A Collaborative Mobile Application
    K. Bond, S. Keenan, D. Morrow, J. Theobald
  • Group(Fall 2011 / Winter 2012):
    Design, Implementation and Field Trials of an Open Source Private Cloud
    Alexander Townley, Brian Wilson, Hossein Sabzali,Kevin Mak,Vlad Tohaneanu
  • Group(Winter 2010):
    Developing A Mobile Networked Application
    Group1 – Alec Runge, Dean Al-Hosny, Chris Tessier, Mohammad Zadeh
    Group2 – Erwan James, Doug Ames, David Novosel, Nick Roy
  • Group(Winter 2009):
    photoing a Linux Firewall
    Matthew Jalowiecki, Nick Charland, John Wilson, Rutendo Zvirawa
  • Group(Winter 2008):
    A study of open-source Intrusion Detection Systems
    Alex Koshlich, Patrick Milo, Tanushree Mohan, Mathieu Saumure, Casey Switzer
  • Group(Fall 2006):
    Mechanisms and tools to fight SPAM
    Alaa ElBadri, Justin Geggie, Chris Hardy, Marc Leonard, Stephanie Wong