With successful infrastructure grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC), Prof. Örmeci has established one of the best equipped water, wastewater, and biosolids research labs in the Ottawa region. The facility can be accessed by companies, industrial partners, municipalities, treatment plants, government labs and NGOs through collaborations with Prof. Örmeci. Please contact Prof. Örmeci  (banu.ormeci@carleton.ca) for more information.

Our research facility enables us to use advanced microbiology, molecular biology and analytical chemistry in improving current treatment processes, and developing new and innovative treatment systems. Our research equipment include real-time PCR, inverted UV fluorescence microscope, gel electrophoresis, LC-MS-MS, particle counter with micro-flow imaging, low-pressure (254 nm) and medium-pressure (200-300 nm) ultraviolet (UV) collimated beam set-ups, UV-vis spectrophotometer, luminometer, zeta potential meter, TOC analyzer, equipment and simulators for biosolids dewatering tests, torque rheometer, in-line and real-time monitoring and optimization systems, ultra-low freezer, Level II biosafety hood, and several other supporting instruments such as autoclave, high-speed centrifuge, incubators, hybridization ovens, ion probes, sonicator, turbidimeter, etc. In addition, we have access to TEM, SEM, EDX, ICP-MS, and confocal microscope.