Welcome to the website for the Police Research Lab (PRL). The PRL is located in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The PRL’s Director is Dr. Craig Bennell, a Professor in the Department of Psychology.

The PRL provides an environment where researchers are able to examine a range of important issues in policing. Currently, researchers in the PRL conduct research in four primary areas: (1) evidence-based policing, (2) police de-escalation and use of force, (3) police responses to people in crisis, particularly mental health crises; and (4) the reliability, validity, and usefulness of psychologically-based investigative techniques.

Please look through our website. If you have any general comments about the site, have questions about the research we’re conducting, or would like to get involved in the PRL as a volunteer, student, or collaborator, please contact Craig directly.