Populist Publics is dedicated to not only doing highly relevant and, indeed, essential research into online hate but also to making that research available to educators through the creation of flexible, adaptable, and ready-to-use resources that teachers can easily incorporate into their pre-existing courses and lesson plans.

These resources, which include worksheets, slide shows, and various interactive and collaborative activities, take complex subjects and, through careful scaffolding and the application of pedagogical techniques that target all learning types, convey meaningful information and context to students about subjects that directly impact their daily lives. Already existing and forthcoming resource subjects include the use of Canadiana to construct exclusionary models of national identity, the co-option of Holocaust and World War II terms and imagery into anti-vaccine discourse, misogyny and the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard court case, Wexit and the radicalization of western discontent, and the multivalent nature of hate-promoting symbols such as the Canadian Red Ensign.

See our team’s resources here:

“Teaching Digital Literacy: Social Media, Online Hate, and European-Canadian Identity” by Aimee Brown, Ph.D. student and Dani Carron, Ph.D. student, Department of History, Carleton University

“Taking Action Against Transnational Hate: A Teacher’s Guide to Canadian and International Online Resources” (video on Youtube) and Teacher’s Guide (pdf) by Dr. David Y. Clement, Lecturer, School of Social Work and Carleton University.

*These resources were first used by the EU Teacher Workshop in February 2022.