Research partnerships with industry pay off – for everyone. Researchers, students, companies, universities, communities, and even individual citizens all benefit from collaborations between NSE researchers and partners in Canadian industry. Canadian companies use the innovative technologies created or enabled by academic research teams to create new jobs, new products, new markets, and new revenue streams. Collaborations with academia also allow companies to scout for their next HQP hires, while at the same time they offer students the opportunity to experience R&D from industry’s perspective. For you, the academic researcher, working with industry lets you exercise your scientific curiosity in new and challenging environments. It also offers you the opportunity to perform on a broader stage with expanded visibility and resources, and the chance for your ideas to have immediate and tangible impact.

If you’d like to learn more about the portfolio of NSERC Partnership Grants, you are invited to attend a special workshop that will be held on campus on Thursday, November 16th and led by a program specialist from NSERC’s Ottawa-based Partnership Grants team. The workshop will include guidance on the ‘Engage’ Grant (for first-time collaborations between a researcher and a company) and the ‘CRD’ Grant, along with overview presentations on the ‘Strategic’, ‘I2I’, ‘Industrial Research Chair’ and other partnership grants.

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