Dr. Schott’s research focuses on alternative energy and sustainable development in the Arctic, the economic impacts of mining on local communities and local business development, food security and the integration of traditional knowledge and science, behavioural experiments in common pool resource environments and energy strategies and carbon emission reduction programmes.

I am interested in developing and applying sustainability principles to energy systems, natural resource management and economic development. My belief is that we need to act on a number of urgent issues such as climate change, fish stock declines, food insecurity and declining community well-being. My research closely involves end users such as communities, individual harvesters and local governments to come up with practical bottom up solutions to pressing public policy issues. My research methods combine field work with experimental and empirical methods to provide solutions and advance academic theories in more meaningful directions.

Research Highlights

FISHES: Fostering Indigenous Small‐scale fisheries for Health, Economy, and food Security (2019-2023)

Mountain Pine Beetle Risk Study (2020-present)

Towards a Sustainable Fishery for Nunavummiut (2015-2020)

Polar Knowledge (20217-20)

Sustainable Energy Options for the Future of MoCreebec Eeyoud (2019)

Report on the State of Alternative Energy in the Arctic (2015)

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