Our ‘Growing’ Vision

HELP Ottawa aims to support people with advanced age, frailty, and/or chronic and life-limiting illness to live and die, as well as possible, at home or in the community, and to ensure people who are living with grief and loss have the care and support they need.

Our Objectives

To strengthen connections between people who are frail, living with chronic and advanced illness, dying, caregiving, or grieving after a loss and

  1. their families and/or chosen families, friends, neighbours;
  2. their community networks, colleagues, community centres, places of worship, schools;
  3. their primary care and specialist care health and social care providers;
  4. their local community-and home-based healthcare support, end of life care and bereavement supports.

To create a community culture that supports people who are frail, living with chronic or advanced illness, are caregiving, and or grieving to feel able to ask for and accept help from their family, friends, neighbours, co-workers and other social networks.

To mobilize and prepare community members to be confident and capable of offering and providing help to people who are frail, are living with chronic or advanced illness, are caregiving, or are grieving in the community.

To mobilize and disseminate findings of the research to support other communities implementing the public health approach to palliative care and to continue working with and educating health and social care providers across a wide range of sites, organizations, institutions to build a more integrated system of care.


[1]  “Forest Floor- Fern and Decomposition” by GlacierNPS is marked with CC PDM 1.0