The SIM Social Work Research Lab is excited to welcome our new Lab Manager, Ruxi Gheorghe. Ruxi joins us as the Lab Manager after working as a research assistant with the Lab since January 2020. Ruxi recently completed her Master of Social Work (MSW) at Carleton University. Prior to this, she completed a Master’s degree in International Migration and Human Rights Law specializing in anti-human trafficking work. Ruxi is passionate about intertwining social work research with clinical social work practice. As she begins her doctoral studies in social work at Carleton University, Ruxi will be taking on this new role and is eager to continue supporting simulation-based social work research.

Looking for Katherine Occhiuto? Have no fear, she is still around. As she nears the latter portions of her doctoral work, Katherine will continue to support various research projects with the Lab, including as Project Manager of the Knowing and Not Knowing: Navigating Uncertainty in Social Work Practice project. A big thank you to Katherine for her great work over the past few years, which included supporting the establishment of the Lab.

Welcome Ruxi!