New article alert! Our Research Manager and Research Assistant Katherine Occhiuto, Lab Associate Karen Sewell, and Founding Director Kenta Asakura recently published an article in the Journal of Social Work Education.

The article, Pivoting to Online Live-Streamed Simulations: Students’ Experiences in Clinical Social Work Education, explores the use of online live-streamed simulations (online LSS) implemented on Zoom with Master of Social Work students. In the study, students reported learning both procedural and meta-competencies, and they indicated that online LSS provided a space to focus in on the procedural, relational and affective elements of online client sessions.

Based on these findings, the article suggests that online LSS can offer similar training potential as face-to-face simulations. To add, online LSS can offer particularly unique learnings to assist students in developing competencies relevant to online practice (e.g., virtual counselling, e-therapy).

Check out the article here!