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Sarah Todd


Degrees:MSW (McMaster), Ed.D. (OISE)
Phone:613.520.2600 x 4498
Office:515 Dunton Tower
Website:School of Social Work Profile

Sarah Todd has spent the last 18 years teaching and researching about social work education. She was recently awarded the highest teaching award at Carleton University, the Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching. As part of her research, Sarah introduced the use of actors and simulated clients to Carleton’s School of Social Work. In using actors, Sarah was interested in how the skills of improvisation were not only useful for standardized patients (actors), but for students in learning professional practice skills.

A central theme in Sarah’s research is how to design professional education so that it is engaging for students and prepares them for the broad range of experiences they encounter in practice. In particular, Sarah is interested in how to shift the practice identities of social workers from one that is imagined to be solely helpful, to one that interrogates our ambivalence and uncertainty in practice.

Sarah teaches clinical and community social work at the undergraduate and graduate levels, drawing on rich experiences in community-based and hospital settings. Sarah’s publications focus on a broad range of issues in social work and professional education.