Art History, Film Studies and Music

In 1991, the Departments of Art History, Film Studies, and Music joined together to form the School for Studies in Art and Culture. The SSAC Website is comprised of four separate sites. To navigate between this site and the individual sites of the three disciplines of the School, select from the Quick Links below.

All units in the School for Studies in Art and Culture (SSAC) have graduate programs at the Masters level. As well, most full-time faculty members in the SSAC can supervise PhD dissertations through the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture (ICSLAC). Please visit the ICSLAC site for further information.

Upcoming Events

Worlding the Global: The Arts in the Age of Decolonization
November 8 – 10, 2019
TrACE International Academy,
Ottawa, Ontario

Organized by the Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis (CTCA) in partnership with Korean Cultural Centre, National Gallery of Canada, SAW Gallery, Université du Québec en Outaouais, University of Ottawa.

The conference is free and open to the public in accessible spaces.

Visit the CTCA website for more information.