Kristin Guth

School Administrator

Phone:(613) 520-2600 x 3993
Office:423D St. Patrick's Bldg

Kristin coordinates the academic, personnel and budgetary matters of the School on a day-to-day bases, according to the operational needs and goals of the School and/or each sub-unit (Art and Architectural History, Film Studies and Music). Please contact Kristin if you have questions about:

  • Financial matters such as budgeting, fund transfers, paying individuals or vendors
  • Timetabling, including planning and scheduling classes
  • Human resources for the School, including faculty, staff and instructor job opportunities, hiring processes, and payments to employees
  • School and University policies and procedures
  • Calendar Changes for ARTH, FILM and MUSI
  • Physical space on the 4th floor of St. Patrick‚Äôs and the 8th and 9th floor of Loeb, Tower A.