Status: Not Ratified

Cyprus’s presidential system has a unicameral parliament (House of Representatives). In July 2020, the House of Representatives rejected ratifying CETA; however, the EU was not officially notified of the vote. The Cypriot government intends to bring CETA to the parliament again at a later point.

Public debate

House of Representatives Source: University of Nicosia

While President Anastasiades and his Democratic Rally support CETA’s ratification in Cyprus, contestation has been intensive. Political parties such as the Movement for Social Democracy, the AKEL party and the Greens oppose CETA’s ratification. Opponents argue that CETA will have an adverse impact on the agricultural sector and food safety, with the introduction of GMOs, and will set up a “parallel justice system” through the implementation of the investor-dispute settlement provisions. Opposition from agricultural interests largely focuses on geographical indicators, especially for Cypriot halloumi cheese. Large agricultural interests in the dairy industry have indicated a willingness to support CETA’s ratification if CETA recognizes a GI on halloumi cheese. CSO and NGOs opponents include Young Friends of the Earth, Cyprus.

Trade data

Cyprus had a trade deficit in goods trade with Canada of €10 million in 2021 (Eurostat). However, imports from Canada grew from €10 million to €13 million in 2021, which is 0.4% of Cyprus’s imports from outside the EU. Exports to Canada also grew from €2 million to €4 million in 2021, 0.1% of Cyprus’s extra-EU exports (Global Affairs Canada). Canada-Cyprus bilateral goods trade (imports + exports) grew by €6 million, or 66.7%, between 2016-2019 (Statistics Canada).


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