Photo of Gabriel Siles-Brügge

Gabriel Siles-Brügge

Module Co-Leader on reconfiguration of transatlantic trade after Brexit
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Gabriel Siles-Brügge is Professor in Global Governance & Public Policy at the University of Bristol, having previously worked at the Universities of Warwick, Manchester and Oxford Brookes. His teaching has focused on International Political Economy, EU politics and public policy. His research has examined the politics of trade and investment agreements, with a focus on the EU and Brexit. His current work is particularly focused on the interplay between health and trade governance. He is the (co-)author of two books –Constructing European Union Trade Policy (2014, Palgrave Macmillan) and (with Ferdi De Ville) of TTIP: The Truth about Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (2016, Polity) – and has published several articles in leading academic journals (including in the Journal of Common Market StudiesNew Political Economy and the Review of International Political Economy).

He has advised NGOs, trade unions and various parliaments on questions of trade policy and Brexit. He is an advisor on trade policy to the European Public Health Alliance, formerly representing it as an alternate member of the European Commission’s ‘Expert group on Trade Agreements’. He also served as a Parliamentary Academic Fellow (2017-19) and Specialist Advisor (2021-22) with the UK House of Commons International Trade Committee.


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