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Özlem Atikcan

Module Co-leader on reconfiguration of transatlantic trade after Brexit
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University of Warwick logoÖzlem Atikcan is Professor of Comparative Politics at the Department of Politics and International Studies of the University of Warwick. Her research combines a theoretical focus on political campaigns, issue framing, politicisation of trade agreements, transnational social movements, and diffusion with a regional focus on the European Union. She teaches politics of the European Union and comparative politics more broadly. Her work has appeared in European Journal of Political Research, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of Elections Public Opinion and Parties, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of European Integration, and as books with Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and McGill-Queen’s University Press.


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  • Ece Özlem Atikcan, Richard Nadeau and Éric Bélanger, Framing Risky Choices: Brexit and the Dynamics of High-Stakes Referendums, (McGill-Queen’s University Press, May 2020).
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