Status: Not Ratified

Slovenia has a bicameral system (National Assembly and National Council); however, only the lower chamber, the National Assembly, must ratify CETA. In June 2022, the 15th Government of Slovenia was formed under Robert Golob, leader of the Freedom Movement, who replaced the Slovenia Democratic Party leader, Janez Janša, as Prime Minister. With a centre-left majority government of 53/90, the new administration promises to focus on improving the welfare and health of the Slovenian people and emphasizing the move to a greener energy approach. Moreover, the newly formed government includes former Prime Minister, Marjan Šarec, who will now serve as Slovenia’s defence minister, and Tanja Fajon as a foreign minister to represent Slovenia in the EU parliament. The Golob administration raises hopes for a more favourable outcome for the ratification of CETA, since it stands for a more EU-friendly approach compared to the previous government.

Public debate

Contestation on CETA’s ratification in Slovenia was limited when The Slovenian Democratic Party and Prime Minister Janez Janša were still in power. However, the formation of the new government under Robert Golob advances CETA’s ratification. Some concerns that CSOs will raise in the ratification bill will include food safety (GMO) and agricultural interests. A distinctive feature of contestation in Slovenia covers water and the potential privatization of water service. In the past, opposing CSOs have targeted CETA’s investor-state dispute settlement provisions and warned that the agreement would lead to privatizing public services. Opponent CSOs include trade unions, environmental groups and labour rights organizations, such as the Education, Science and Culture Trade Union, Focus, Association for Sustainable Development, the Movement for Just Society and Umanotera.

Trade data

Slovenia had a trade surplus in goods trade with Canada of €69 million in 2021 (Eurostat). Imports from Canada were €61 million, 0.3% of Slovenia’s imports from outside the EU . Exports were €130 million, 0.8% of Slovenia’s extra-EU exports (Eurostat). Canada-Slovenia bilateral goods trade (imports + exports) grew by €35 million, or 15.8%, between 2016 and 2019 (Statistics Canada).


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