1. Graduate Supervision
    1. Completed Theses:
    2. Research Project Supervisions (Executive MBA/MMS/MBA)
    3. Other Supervisions:

Graduate Supervision

(Does not include thesis advisory committee membership cases)

Completed Theses:

  • Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on a Firm’s Performance 2018. Ph.D. Student: I.J.S. Mann.
  • The Effect of Unsolicited Online Product Feedback Orientation on Product Development Success in the North American Consumer Electronics Industry, 2018. Ph.D. Student: Din Begovic
  • Enterprise COTS Implementation: Process, Stakeholder, and Control Perspective, 2018. Ph.D. Student: Zafor Ahmed
  • Sustainable Product Development and its Effect on Performance in High Technology Firms 2016. Ph.D. Student: Hanuv Mann.
  • Measurement and Benefit Realization of Business Process Orientation: Intra- and Inter-Organizational Perspectives 2011. Ph. D. Student: Bahar Movahedi.
  • The Impact of Product Positioning Strategy, Manufacturing Strategy and their Alignment on Firm’s Performance 2010. Ph. D. Student: Irfan Butt.
  • Assessing the Impact of Social Capability, Technical Capability, and their Fit on Software Development Team Performance: An Empirical Study 2010. Ph.D. Student: Manjari Maheshwari.
  • An Investigation of Critical factors for Adoption of E-Government Adoption. 2009. Ph.D. Student: Mahmud Akhter Shareef
  •  Role of Organizational Capabilities on Technology Commercialization Performance. PhD Student: Bhasker Mukerji
  • Innovation and Performance: The Case of the Upstream Petroleum Sector, 2007.
    Ph.D. Student: A.C.J. Persaud
  • The Impact of the Use of Internet-Based Technologies on New Product Development Performance, 2007. Ph.D. Student: Danuta De Grosbois
  • Practices of Concurrent Engineering that Reduce NPD Cycle Time for Incremental and Radical Innovations, 2005.
    MBA Student: Randa Saryeddine
  • Success factors for Business Incubators in Canada: An Empirical Study, 2003.
    MMS Student: Sameer Verma.
  • Organizational Diffusion of Integrated Product Development; Determinants and Performance Consequences, 2003
    Ph.D. Student: Todd A. Boyle
  • Critical Success Factors for E-Business: An Empirical Study of Canadian Firms, 2002.
    MBA Student: Manjari Maheshwari
  • Adoption and Implementation of ERP System, 2001.
    MBA Student: Bharat Maheshwari
  • Information Privacy: An Exploratory Survey of Concerns about Organisational Practices, 2000.
    MMS Student: R. Ghiami-Mirhosaini
  • Synergistic Innovations in Internationally Dispersed R&D Labs, 1999.
    Ph.D. Student: A.N.S. Persaud
  • Strategic Responses to Defence Sector Restructuring, 1999.
    MMS Student: Jason Weatherbie
  • Technology Transfer from R&D Consortia, 1998.
    MMS Student: Aditya Tandon
  • Multilevel Technological Substitution Models, 1998.
    MMS Student: Jian Guo
  • Software Development Process and Strategies Used in Expediting Software Development Time, 1997.
    MMS Student: S. Kurdi
  • A Comparison of Innovation Process in Defence and Non-Defence Firms, 1996.
    MMS Student: Stephane Silber
  • Success Factors of Technology Transfer to Indonesia, 1994.
    MMS Student: Lasdini Purwanti
  • Developing a Knowledge Based Decision Aid: The Case of CASE Adoption, 1994.
    MMS Student: Rowland Phillips
  • A Framework to Decide When to Terminate R&D Innovation Projects, 1993.
    MMS Student: Aditha N.S. Persaud
  • A Study of the Innovation Process in Canadian Electronic and Telecommunication Industry: An Innovation Time Perspective, 1993.
    MMS Student: Sandeep Mathur
  • A Comparative Study of New Product Diffusion Models: A Scanner Data Base Study, 1993.
    MMS Student: Andreas Mayer
  • A Study of Technological Forecasting in the Electronics and Telecommunication Industry in Canada, 1992.
    MMS Student: A. Sinha
  • A Study of Adoption Time-Lag in Canadian Manufacturing Industry, 1992. MMS Student: Harish Kapoor

Research Project Supervisions (Executive MBA/MMS/MBA)


  • Aggressive Business Expansion through Investment in China: Case of BF Limited (Huang Zhujun), 2007.
  • Facing the Challenges of E-Business: Management Innovation in Chinese Small & Medium Enterprises (Steven Du), 2007.
  • Softbank’s Governance Model – The Blue Print to Venture Capital Firms in China (Ying Zhu), 2007.
  • A Study of the Relationship between the Knowledge Management and New Product Development in an Iranian Automobile Factory (Shahin Assadinia), 2007.
  • Technology Transfer from University to Industry with an Industrial Perspective (Ali Reza Khorakian), 2006.
  • Factors and Barriers which affect the Marketing and Export of Technical and Engineering Services (Amin Khodayari), 2006.
  • Approach Architecture: Managing Managerial and Organizational Approaches (Reza Aboutalebi), 2006.
  • Drugstore Actuality and Development in China (Peter Ming Zhou), 2006.
  • Human Resource Management and Development in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises of Inland China (Wudong Wang), 2006.
  • Frachising is the Better Business Format to Succeed (Wen Hao Du), 2006.
  • Analyzing Reasons for Decline in International Market Share of Iranian carpet (Bahareh Bake Zadeh), 2006.
  • Transfer of Technology from Universities to Industry: University Perspective(Omid Kharzami), 2006.
  • Supplier Selection Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (Parvinfar Samimi), 2005.
  • Human Resource Development in Iran from 1984 to 2004 (Seyed Mehdi Tabatabaei), 2005.
  • Iran’s Non-Oil Exports and Automobile Industry: Past, Present and future (Nazli Fard), 2005.
  • On the Impacts of Oil Incomes on Iran’s Economic Development (Amir Hossein Marvi), 2005.
  • Industrial market Segmentation for Small Businesses (Tala Soltanion), 2005.
  • Job Satisfaction in Private Manufacturing Companies in Iran (Majid Roshandale), 2005.
  • Dynamic Analysis of New Product Development Cycle Time (Hooman Attar), 2005.
  • The Factors of Unsuccessful Implementaion of E-Banking in Iran (Hedieh Yousefizadeh), 2005.
  • Casuses for Administrative Management Failure in an Iranian Conglomerate (Nasim Ghashgahee), 2005.
  • Quality Service in Private and Non-Private Hospitals (Shahrooz Khabiri), 2005.
  • Relationship Marketing and the Role of Human Resources in Iranian Hotels (Sanaz Samiee), 2004.
  • Blue Printing Traumatic Brain Injury at Pediatric and Adult Level I Trauma Centers (Asad Khan), 2004.
  • Investigating the Role of Water Consulting Engineers in Supply of Water in Iran (Jaleh Bayat Sarmadi), 2004.
  • Choice of Entry Mode for SMEs in High Tech Sector (Leela Mohammadi), 2004.
  • E-Commerce and Trust in Iranian Market Place (Hossein Khodadadi), 2004.
  • Security Issue in E-Government Initiative (Kanu Sharma), 2004.
  • Investigating the Role of Quality Service in Cutomer Retention in Tejarat Bank (Afsoon Kelarestaghi), 2004.
  • World Trade Organization, Iran and Business Transformation (Mohammad Nazaryzadehkermani), 2004.
  • The Impact of E-Commerce on GDP and Productivity in Iran (Sarvenaz Hojabri-Kiani), 2004.
  • Identifying the Key Factors Influencing the Mode of International Technology Transfer in Iranian Manufacturing Industry (Bahar Movahedi), 2003.
  • Construction Management: Relevant Issues and Real Life Case Studies (Debashish Guin), 2003
  • Technology Transfer from Universities to Industries – University Perspective (Soumen Das), 2002.
  • Investigation of Market Needs for Colour Measurement of Visual Displays (Hajime Yasui), 2001.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning:Vendor Evaluation and Implementation (Swapnil Baishya), 2000.
  • Exploring Differences in R&D Management Processes for Businesses with Different Strategies (Michael Bliemel), 2000.
  • In-depth Study of Six Sigma Philosophy and its Application to Small Business (J. Yadegardjam), 2000.
  • A Study of Retail Management in Shanghai (Wandy Chiu & Rita Wong), 2000.
  • Research Project on Hongkongs’ Travel & Tourism Industry (Elsie Chow & Vivian Lee), 2000.
  • A Study of the Port Facilities in Hongkong and its Competition in the Southern China (Larry Wing-fung Tai), 1999.
  • The Japanese Management System and its Contribution to the Success of Japanese Automobile Multinational Corporations (Patricia S Antione), 1999.
  • Collaborated New Product Development: An Integrated Framework (Vidyawattie N. Brijmohan), 1999.

Other Supervisions:

  • Supervised Danuta Deregowska from Warsaw School of Economics Warsaw, Poland in the area of teaching and research in Operations Management, March-April 2001.
  • Supervised Ganzalo Roidriquez from University of Havana, Cuba in the area of Project Management, March- June 1999.
  • Supervised two professors from University of Havana, Cuba in the area of Research Methodology, October- November 1999.