Graduate Supervision

(Does not include thesis advisory committee membership cases)

  • Completed PhD Theses:
  • Enterprise COTS Implementation: Process, Stakeholder, and Control Perspective, 2018. Ph.D. Student: Zafor Ahmed
  • “Impact of Adoption of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices on a Firm’s Performance”, 2018. Student: Inder Jit Singh Mann
  • “The Effect of Unsolicited Online Product Feedback Orientation on Product Development Success in the North American Consumer Electronics Industry”, 2018. Student: Din Begovic
  • “Understanding the Relationship Between the Supply Chain and Finance Functions in Canadian Export Oriented Enterprises and Its Impact on Innovation Consideration”, 2013
    Student: Peter C. Cowan
  • “Knowledge Management and Nuclear Plant Performance”, 2011
    Student: John DrGrosbois
  • “Process Orientation and Supply Chain Performance”, 2010
    Student: Kayvan Miri Lavassani
  • “Impact of Quality on Innovation Performance”, 2010
    Student: Dong Young Kim
  • “Impact of Absorptive Capacity on Firm Performance in Pharmaceutical Industry”, 2009
    Student: Alireza Hassanlou
  • “An Investigation of Critical factors for Adoption of E-Government Adoption”, 2009
    Student: Mahmud  Shareef
  • “The Role of Organizational capability in Technology Commercialization Performance”, 2008
    Student: Bhasker Mukerji
  • “ERP Systems Institutionalization: The Effect of Organizational and Perceived Technological Characteristics”, 2007
    Student: Bharat Maheshwari
  • “Adoption of Agile Software Practices: Barriers and Challenges”, 2007
    Student: Subhas Misra
  • “Innovation and Performance: The case of the Upstream Petroleum Sector”, 2007
    Student: Atul C.J. Persaud
  • “Strategy, Flexibility, and Performance for Supply Chain in Canadian SMEs”, 2006
    Student: Kamel Fantazy
  • “Organizational Diffusion of Integrated Product Development: Determinants and Performance Consequences”, 2003
    Student: Todd A. Boyle

“Synergistic Innovations in Internationally Dispersed R&D Labs”, 1999
Student: A.N.S. Persaud

In Progress (PhD and MSc students)

  • PhD student – V. Vedmani has defended the thesis proposals and currently working on his thesis. Vedmani has already presented and published papers under my supervision.
  • PhD student – Lorraine Fraser has completed course requirements and currently working on the comprehensive exam.
  • New PhD students — Raqib Mahmud has joined in 2019 while Lawrence Charlebois joined in 2020; currently both doing coursework. I am also mentoring Evan Heath.

Undergraduate Supervision

(Does not include thesis advisory committee membership cases)

Masters Theses (MMS/MSc):

  • Impact of the psychological resistance and the trust-building factors
    on elders’ technology adoption decisions”, 2021

    Student MSc: Parth Vijaybhai Shah
  • Factors in Successful Implementation of Six Sigma in Canadian Manufacturing Firms”, 2006
    Student: David Tran
  • “Factors Affecting Mobile Data Technology (MDT) Adoption by Canadian SMEs”, 2005
    Student: G. Alan Pilcher
  • “The adoption of JIT purchasing practices and its impact on firm performance in a developing country: The case of Vietnam”, 2002
    Student: Anh Dao
  • “Adoption and Implementation of ERP System”, 2001
    Student: Bharat Maheshwari
  • “Software development process and practices in ISO 9001 registered software organization: An empirical study”, 2001
    Student: Linghong Wang
  • “Quality Management Practices in R&D in Canadian Manufacturing Industry”, 2000
    Student: Todd Boyle
  • “Strategic Responses to Defence Sector Restructuring”, 1999
    Student: Jason Weatherbie
  • “New Product Development, Co-operation and Specialization in the Canadian Telecommunications Industry”, 1998
    Student: N. Trudel
  • “Transferring technology from R&D Consortia to participating shareholders: A study of Canadian Consortia”, 1998
    Student: Aditya Tandon
  • “Software development process and strategies used to expedite software development time”, 1997
    Student: S. Kurdi
  • “Impact of  Close Relationship with Suppliers on a Firm’s Manufacturing Flexibility”, 1996
    Student: K.A. Viraney
  • “A Comparison of Innovation Process in Defence and Non-Defence products in the electronic sector”, 1996
    Student: Stephane Silber
  • “Achieving Manufacturing Flexibility through Cellular Manufacturing”,1996.
    Student: V. Ambwani
  • “Role of External Entities in Achieving Innovation Success”, 1996
    Student: S. Ren
  • “The front end of new product development: evidence from the integrated circuit board industry”, 1995
    Student: S.A. Murphy.
  • “Performance Measurement for Total Quality Management”, 1994
    Student: Franck Choisne
  • “Modelling the strategic information systems planning process in Canadian companies”, 1994
    Student: Kwasi A. Appiah
  • “Developing knowledge based decision aid: A case of case adoption”, 1994
    Student: Rowland Phillips
  • “A Framework to decide when to terminate ongoing R&D projects in Canadian high-technology industries”, 1993
    Student: Aditha N.S. Persaud
  • “Study of the Innovation Process in the Canadian Electronic and Telecommunication Industry: An Innovation Time Perspective”, 1993
    Student: Sandeep Mathur
  • “An Investigation of the Factors Influencing the International Collaborative Technology Transfer Agreement Mode Selection of Turkish Manufacturing Firms”, 1993
    Student: Sadrettin C. Dai
  • “A Comparative Study on Concepts and Measures of Flexibility”, 1993
    Student: S. Mahalanabis
  • “Transfer of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies from Universities to Industry: An Industry Perspective”, 1992
    Student: M. Rahil
  • “An Investigation of Benefits Associated with Computerized Preventive Maintenance Systems”, 1992
    Student: P. Valliancourt
  • “Support Management for Canadian Forces Defence Equipment Programs: Towards Developing Design Criteria for a Logistic Support Monitoring System”, 1990
    Student: Peter Ludorf
  • “An Examination of the Decision-Making Process in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Investment Decisions”, 1987
    Student: Steve C.K. Loo

Executive MBA, MA, MMS, MBA Projects:

The Role of HRM in Huawei Telecom Co. (Davoud Azimi, 2011)

Study of Abnormalities related to IPO in the TSE (Bardia Barzani, 2011)

Applying Kano Model in Assessing the Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Pasargad Bank (Afarin Safavi Zadeh, 2011)

The Effect of Management Change on Stock Prices in TSE (Romina Yazdani Ardakani, 2011)

Increasing Sales on the Basis of Service Quality Improvement in Fast Food Restaurants (Seyed Hamed Hosseini, 2011)

Ecotourism and Blue Ocean Strategy (Amin Faghih Kia, 2011)

Strategic Marketong Plan for Kaspersky Corporate Products in the Iranian Market (Alex Ramanesh, 2011)

Privatization in Iran (Shervin Heshemi Fesharaki, 2011)

A Business Plan for Tehran Shopping Centre (Mehdi Bazukar, 2011)

EJAN-NPD Analyzing the Implementation Process of NPD (Neda Ghasemi Ghahyazi, 2010)

Business Plan for Establishing a Non-profit Business for Introducing Roller-in-line Skating to KG in Toronto (Behnaz Roustaian, 2010)

Investigating the Effectiveness of Valuation Technique on Meeting the Risk and Uncertainty Issues in New Technological Business (Behrooz Telle, 2010)

Adoption and Implementation of GMS in Speedes Steel Structure Company (Shaya Ensafi, 2010)

Business Plan for Faucets Lever Manufacturing Company (Elnaz Seyed Esfahani, 2010)

E-Business Model Selection Based on Firm’s Core Competencies: The Case of Iranian Carpet Industry (Hossain Rabbani, 2010)

Development of a Marketing Plan for Neda Rayaneh Co. (Rouzbeh Tolouie, 2010)

Defining & Implementing SHDC System in Kayson’s Complex Environment Through SSM (Nariman Hazi Sheikh, 2010)

Applied Risks in Global Supply Chain Management (Arash Mahabadipour, 2010)

ERP Adoption and Implementation in a Hospital (Mehdi Emamjomeh, 2010)

Comprehensive Business Plan for Investment in Pharmaceutical Industry in Malaysia (Hadi Homayoun, 2010)

The process & Challenges of Innovation in Tavanavran Co.: The Case of Zinc-Silver Oxide Battery (Zahra Sadat Tabatabaei, 2010)

Requirement Analysis in Development Process for Automation of Purchasing Department in Ahran Tejarat Co (Amir Zomorodian, 2010)

Fuzzy and AHP Expert System application in ERP System Selection (Fahimeh Sadeghi, 2010)

Strategic Planning for a Small Auto part Supplier: The case of Ghat-e-Ara (Azad Sami, 2010)

Implementation of Quality Management in a Hospital (Valeh Khonsari, 2010)

Supply Chain Management: Case of an Electronic Equipment Manufacturer (Amir Bastani, 2010)

Business Plan of Chromite Mine (Ali Fallahi, 2010)

Study of the Impacts of Operational and Financial Factors of Business Plan on Balance Score Card (Mona Tirgari, 2010)

Business Process Reengineering: A case Study of Sepehr Machine co. (Hessam Azimi, 2010)

Investment Barriers in Qeshm Free Zone (Seyyed Milani Hosseini, 2010)

“Developing Strategic Plan for Noushab Co. (Atousa Khosroshahi, 2010)

Business Plan of Latif Bandage & Gauze Manufacturing Co. (Baharak Mokhberi Osgoue, 2010)

Studying the LNG Industry in Iran (Maryam Modarreszadeh, 2010)

Business-IT Strategic Alignment in ERP Implementation in Iran Khodro (Radmehr Khamooshi, 2010)

Innovation in Iranian Construction Industry: Implementation of LSF System (Abdolreza Bahrampour, 2009)

Switch of Investment Mode in China (Qiqi He, 2009)

Deterrent Factors to Implement an ERP Strategy in Iran (Sara Zahedi, 2009)

The Adoption of Business Intelligent System at Sporting and Training Resort (Kayvan Mehdi Daryaei, 2009)

Factors Influencing Adoption of e-Banking in Iran: An Empirical Study Using Technology Acceptance Model (Masoud Zehtabi Oskuie, 2009)

Business Plan for Pazand Tarabar Co. (Amin Samadi, 2009)

Feasibility Study of Applying ERP in Tadbir Niroo Co (Leo Benyamin Rafiei, 2009)

A Business Plan for a renewable Energy Service Company (Babak Kharazi, 2009)

Project Management Processes for Construction Project in Ashena Co. (Omid Amir Baglouie Darian, 2009)

Green Job in Low Carbon World (Zahra Karimi Jafari, 2009)

3D Model of New Product Development (Ali Pourabbasi Amiri, 2009)

Model for Attainment of a New Product with respect to Priorities of Customer (Alireza Ghaderi Niri, 2009)

Production Plan- Fruit Juice, Non-alcoholic Beer, Beverages and Drinking Water (Sarah Kazempour Ardebili, 2009)

Producing Expanded White Wheat Brad Substitute Traditional Iranian Bread (Negar Saidi, 2009)

Investigating GPS Technology Adoption Process and Stages in Bus Transportation Network of Tehran (Hormoz Ahmadi, 2009)

The Effect of Type of Dairy Foodstuff Packaging on Mental Factors Related to Consumer Behavior (Moujan Maziat, 2009)

Defining Strategy for Chekad Darou Co. at Business and Corporate Level (Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadian, 2009)

Strategic Plan for the Revival of Bertelsmann Direct Group in China (Patrick Fan Yongyuan, 2009)

Developing a Business Plan for Boland Tobaghe Concrete Production Line (Hessam-e-din Vali, 2009)

Building Corporate Brand Through Improving Corporate Reputation (Jianwei Zhu- Helen, 2009)

Competitive Strategic Planning of an Iranian Industrial and Medical Company (Maral Taimouri, 2009)

Analysis of Service Quality at Beijing Guobin Hotel (Dongyuan Zhu, 2009)

Review of Applying E-Commerce in Iran: SWOT Analysis Model (Shahaboddin Hashemi Toroghi, 2009)

Contrasting Approaches to Technology Acquisition Management in Chinese Auto Industry (Yanling Li, 2009)

“A Study on Some Issues with Merger and Acquisition and Restructuring of Chinese listed Companies (Cheng Xu, 2008)

Improvement of Process Capability by Using Six Sigma Methodology (Alireza Jaafari Fesharaki, 2008)

Effect of Advertising on the Consumer Behavior in Purchasing of Dairy Products (Maryam Farrokhy, 2008)

Logistics in the Iranian Auto Industry (Mohammad Dehghan, 2008)

“Risk Management of Projects in Developing Economies- Methods to Avoid Projects Failure in Developing Countries (Yan Sun, 2008)

(Leily Fouladvand, 2008)

(Mohammad Hossein Ramezani, 2008)

(Ali Mahabadi Pour, 2008)

(Tanaz Naghshineh, 2008)

(Meng Li, 2008)

(Yi Le, 2008)

CCB’s Credit Card Business Development on a Marketing Basis (Zhu Yun- Ron, 2008)

Online MBA: Challenges and Suggestions (Parisa Sheibani Madraji, 2008)

Family Firm Performance (Maryam Peyman, 2008)

Tehran Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM): Collection and Transportation (Sarah Moridpour, 2008)

An Investigation of Project Management’s Role in Construction Projects in Iran (Masoud Babaei, 2008)

“Planning and Control of Spare Parts (maintenance and Repairs) System for Tehran Metro in Iran (Nader Haji Sheikh, 2008)

ERP System Study of a Small and Medium Wholesale Company: The Case of Jilin Changchun Tina Li Veterinary Medicine Company (Zhiran LI (Zoe), 2007)

Technology Transfer by National Petrochemical Company of Iran (Davood Khavarian, 2007)

Improving Iranian Meat Processing Industry’s Productivity through BPR and Technology  Transfer Applications (George Ghookasian, 2007)

Application of Quality Function Deployment on Producing Orange Juice in Alifard-I (Mahan Yousefi Nezhadan, 2007)

Application of Quality Function Deployment on Producing Orange Juice in Alifard-II (Saman Miarasadallahnejad, 2007)

Developing a Comprehensive Model for Integrating Organizational Improvement Approaches in the context of Iran (Somayeh Jabri, 2007)

“The World Tourism, Iran Tourism and Analyzing Reasons for Decline and Deficiencies of Iran in the Tourism Industry (Pouyan Esmaelizadeh, 2007)

Analysis of independent variables impact on customer satisfaction in clinical lab setting (Naseraldin Nohasi, 2007)

Designing the process of implementing Lean Management based on Jackson & Jones system in Mazandaran Electrical Panel Manufacturing Company (Amir Mohammad Esfehani, 2007)

Tools and Techniques for an Effective New Product Development (Din Bejovic, 2007)

Study of Supply Chain Management in a Local Pharmaceutical Wholesale Company (Jing Ren (Grace), 2007)

An Effective Business Plan: An Entrepreneurs’ Guide (Arian Steel Company Case) (Mona Mozafarian, 2007)

Innovation of Financial Products in Islamic Banks (Sogol Pouyaie, 2007)

Integration of Problem Analysis tools (Root cause, Pareto and Regression Analysis) with Managerial tools (EFQM and BSC) For Projects Prioritization in ISACO (Amir Jahroudi, 2007)

E-marketing Adoption in Iran Food Industries (Hamid Jamsaz, 2007)

Competitive Environment of ERP: Vendors in Iran (Ataollah Homayoun, 2007)

Fuzzy AHP Model for Process Selection in Business Process Reengineering (Bahare Maleki, 2007)

Iran Ball Bearing Company Strategy Plan (Mahdi Nahavandian, 2007)

Developing a Comprehensive Model for Integrating Organizational Improvement Approaches in the context of Iran (Somayeh Jabari, 2007)

Strategy for E-banking Growth: Case of ICBC (Lengbei Kathy Chen, 2007)

Nike China Strategy in Retail Industry (Jianhua Zhu, 2007)

Overview of Infrastructure of E-commerce and E-banking in Iran (Meysam Beheshtian Ardakani, 2007)

Iranian Deficiency in Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) (Sahar Mallak, 2006)

Competitive Environment of ERP Vendors in Iran (Ataollah Homayoun, 2006)

“Is the Knowledge Sharing Culture Different in Mehrabad, Shahriyar, West & South, Parcel Post and Exhibition Customs Administrations? (Leila Fahimi Safa, 2006)

Transferring Technology to Iran in Shrimp Culture Industry at JTK Company (Negar Sohaee, 2006)

An Effective Business Plan: An Entrepreneurs’ Guide- Arian Steel Company Case (Mona Mozafarian, 2006)

“Impact of Information Technology on Organization Design for an Effective Value Chain in a Small Firm: The Case of Sazehpouyesh (Farzaneh Mahmoodi, 2006)

Taguchi Application in Textile Industry (Ellahe Shahabi, 2006)

Mobile Commerce: Technology and Applications (Parham Pedram, 2006)

Merits of Project Management: The Case of a Frame Making Firm (Aidin Harriri, 2006)

“An Investigation into Technology Transfer in Kazakhastan and Factors Influencing the Agreement Mode Selection (Ramin Mehmanparast Nodehi, 2006)

Dessert Food Industries: Strategic Plan Development (Hasan Forouzfard, 2006)

“An Investigation into the Use of Strategic Management and Performance Control Tools in Small Enterprises in Shanghai, China (He Fei Wang, 2006)

Research on Operations and Management of China East Aviation Company Ltd. (Guo Yiyuan, 2006)

The Internal and External Environment of Business Development in SHAPHAR (Liguo Chen, 2006)

Application of Supply Chain Management in Coca-Cola China (Ying Jun, 2006)

The Views of China 3G (Siying Zhang, 2006)

Embedding Quality in a New Strategic Approach in Cement Industry (Radmard Eftekhar, 2006)

Strategic Planning for Project Management Using the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) (Ammir Hassany Tabatabayi, 2006)

Measurement of Manufacturing Flexibility (Ali Boloorforoosh, 2006)

TQM System in Parchsaz Company (Shrareh Shahidi Hamedani, 2006)

The Relationship Between Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction in Tuna Fish Industry (Hamied Nouri Majoumerd, 2005)

Description of Iranian Computer Industry (Adel Sadrolgharavi, 2005)

Establishing a JV on Hospital Information System (Najme Askary Nejad Amiri, 2005)

Studying the Relationship of Strategic Planning Process and Total Quality Management (Ardalan Sepehri, 2005)

“Application of QFD in Designing Power Window Electromotor: The case of ELECTROSANAM-An Auto Industry Subcontractor (Mohammad Reza Poosti, 2005)

Using Michael Hitt’s and Michael porter frame work to provide strategic management plan for Golestan Company (Mohammad Reza Rahmatian, 2005)

Business Plan for a Wet Wipes Production Plant, (Arash Shekarian, 2005)

Supplier Selection Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP): The Case of national Iranian Oil Company Central Purchasing Organization, Kala NaftTehran Ltd. (P. Samimi, 2005)

Marketing- R&D Integration in Hi-Tech Firms (Asit Kaul, 2005)

Reengineering of Faravard Company Sales Processes (R. Ostadrahimi, 2005)

R and D Management (O. Fadaeimanesh, 2005)

JIT in Health Care: The Case of FASA Health Care Centre (A. Shojaei, 2005)

Total Quality Management in an Auto Plant Manufacturer: The case of RAFA (G Ali Haeri, 2005)

Actual Usage of QFD- Part 1 (H. Reza Iranmanesh, 2005)

Actual Usage of QFD- Part 2 (K. Hashemzadeh Khoee, 2005)

Information Technology Culture Manking for Helping Change Management in IMFA (M. Faridian Iraq, 2005)

Implementing TQM in Iranian SMEs: Case Study of Takran Refrigeration Company (M. Mohammadi, 2005)

Issues in Managing World Bank Funded Projects (Vahid Soud, 2004)

“Investigating the Role of Lean Six Sigma in Customer Satisfaction in Bimeh Iran Insurance Company (M. Rahmati, 2004)

Reviewing the Impacts of Applying the EFQM Model in Five Important Iranian Companies (K. Shahramfar, 2004)

A Survey on Elements Influencing Technological Capabilities of Iranian Telecom Industries in the Course of Technology Transfer (H. Ilbeiggi, 2004)

Customer Value in Supply Chain Management (P. Mehran, 2004)

“Models of Enterprise Systems Solution for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) (K. E. Kaviani, 2004)

Use of Enterprise Systems in a Lean Manufacturing Context (Shaunak Bapat, 2004)

Knowledge Management in e-Government: Building the Case for KM Supported e-Government (Manu Sharma, 2004)

The Challenges of Auto-making Industry in Iran while Joining WTO (M. Hossein Pour, 2004)

Supply Chain Flexibility (B. K. Rahbar, 2003)

Technological Factors Affecting Entry Modes to High Tech Cases from Iran and Canada (Kayvan Miri-Lavasani, 2003)

Total Quality Management in Small Firms (S. Sohrabi, 2003)

“Collaboration and Coordination: Finding the Way to Reduce Costs and Uncertainty in a Supply Chain (L.A.I. Fernandez, 2002)

Surveillance Implementation Plan – Air Traffic Control Operations Rationalization (D. Rose)

NAV Canada Business Plan (K. Troutman)

A Feasibility Analysis for the Company to set up a Logistics Services Division in Hong Kong and China (T. Lau)

LOTTO for Life: Opportunity through responsibility (R. Dube)

Business Transformation Using  Internet (Bhasker Mukerji)

Activity based costing: A feasibility study (K. McDonald)

Important Issues in Investment of Ilshin Tianjin Factory (J. Sun)

IKEA Ottawa Expansion: Development and Evaluation of Options (P. A. Smith)

Colour Calibration Project at NRC (H. Yasui)

The Behavioural Dimensions of the R&D Internationalization Decision: A literature systhesis and research hypothesis (G. Adane)

Training Program for Foundry Joint Venture between Nortel and China (V. Chaudhry)

The Development of a Risk Management Model for the Canadian Coast Guard Fleet (T. Clarke)

Strategic Information Systems Planning, Implementation and Utilization in a Decentralized Environment – A Case Study (R. Herzig)

Business and Technologies of Wireless Communications (K. Nguyen)

A Review of Manufacturing Processes at Ault Foods Limited: A Quality Control Perspective (P. Timmons)

Retail Operations in Civic Hospital (V. Farmer)

An Analysis of R&D Investment into Technology Advancement and Reliability Enhancements (P.A. Murphy)

Management of Technological Change:  An Analysis of the Support System for Agents (B. Kelland)

Risk Reduction Management in Flight Test (W.A. Flynn)

Management Consulting Sector Overview and Market Planning Model:  A Case for Dinmar Inc. (S. Blakeney)

Business Process Reengineering Applied to Order Processing & Fulfillment

(J. Dupont and P. Tario)

A Study of Business Transformation in Software Firms (B. Lindsay)

Measuring Return on Investment in Major Events (D. Cross)

Technology Transfer from University to Industry in Biotechnology Sector

(U. Strlenberg)

Multi-Vendor Customer Service Need Assessment in Digital Corporation

(D. Power)

Growth of Small Software Firms in Ottawa Region (S. Murphy)

A Strategic Model for Defense to Commercial Manufacturing Conversion (T. Macray)

Consolidation of Product Lines in PCL Industries Ltd. (D. McIntyre)

Acquisitions in the Construction Industry (J.G. Wilson)

Managing Quality in the Implementation of Large-Scale Data Conversion Projects    (D. Potterton)

Identification of a Quality System and Tools Applicable to the One Litre (1L) and Four Litre (4L) Packaging Lines in Shell Canada (M. Levesque)

Evaluation of Business Plan Methodologies in Context of an e-business (Robert Dube)

Business Plan for Growth at NAV Canada (K. Troutman)

Operations Management of the Tianjin Factory in China (Jung Sung OH)

Inventory Control with MRP II System in Place (Calvin Lam)

I.T. Outsourcing in China (Tommy Sung)

Research Project on Travel & Tourism Industry of HongKong (Elsie Chow & Vivian Lee)

A Study of the Port Facilities in Hongkong and its Competition in the Southern China (Larry Wing–fung Tai)