Recent data sets housed at Scholars Portal Dataverse > Carleton University Dataverse  (Older data sets are found among my listing of articles.)

Related Publication Citation: J. Stephen Ferris, Stanley L. Winer and Bernard Grofman. “The Duverger-Demsetz Perspective on Electoral Competitiveness and Fragmentation: With Application to the Canadian Parliamentary System, 1867 – 2011”. In. M. Gallego and N. Schofield (eds.) The Political Economy of Social Choices. Springer, 93-122. Notes: This data set is complied under the auspices of SSHRCC grant 410-2007-2153: “Political Competition – Empirical Studies of Canada and the United States.”

  • Winer, Stanley L.; Ferris, J. Stephen; Dash, Bharatee Bhusana, 2019, “Replication Data for ‘The Measurement of Electoral Competition, With Application to Indian States”. See, Scholars Portal Dataverse.

Related Publication Citation: Dash, Bharatee B., J. Stephen Ferris and Stanley L. Winer (2019). “The Measurement of Electoral Competition, with Application to Indian States” Electoral Studies 62, 2019.