*********This study is currently closed**************

Study Name: How Do You React to Conflict?

Description: In this brief online survey, you will be given a hypothetical conflict situation and asked to say what you would do.

Benefits to Participating:

Participants will receive a $2.00 Amazon gift card for participation.

Potential Negative Consequences to Participating:

You may feel upset or embarrassed by the material, some of which may involve swearing and violence. You can refuse to participate, skip any questions you do not wish to answer, or stop participating at any time. If you do participate and become disturbed by the study, you will be directed to various sources of support.

Please note, the contact information you provide to receive your gift card will be confidential. This information will be recorded and stored separately from your responses to the conflict situation. It will not be possible to link your contact information to your survey responses; making sure your survey answers remain anonymous.

Duration: 15 minutes


Kevin Nunes, E-mail: kevin_nunes@carleton.ca

Maya Atlas, E-mail: mayaatlas@cmail.carleton.ca

 To participate, please click on the following link:

This study has received clearance by the Carleton University Psychology Research Ethics Board (13-111).