General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada (GDMS) has partnered with the ACE Lab to develop virtual and augmented reality interfaces that will improve the training and on-board performance of airborne personnel operating in complex maritime surveillance situations. GDMS has kicked off this project with an initial $250k investment with the ACE Lab.


Discovery Air Defence Services has partnered with the ACE Lab to investigate the use of a blended virtual reality approach to simulator-based training. The blended-VR approach leverages recent developments in immersive display technologies, as well as body / limb / hand tracking technologies, to create an innovative simulator display solution. This $350K project is funded through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).


CAE is a leading provider of simulation and modelling technologies and integrated training services worldwide.  CAE is a key founding VSIM industry partner and collaborates with the ACE Lab on several projects.


CAE Professional Services specializes in defence, homeland security, mission critical applications, mission critical infrastructure, control centres, and civilian emergency management markets.


CFI has provided funding for world-class infrastructure to support VSIM ACE  Lab research.


OCE has funded several different long term projects in the ACE Lab.


Department of National Defense (DND) – the Air Force in particular has been instrumental in supporting ACE Lab M&S research.


Transport Canada supports many of our research projects.


Rockcliffe Flying Club (RFC) supports ACE Lab research examining cognitive health, aging and flight safety.


Algonquin College‘s SAT Flight Training Program is a collaborator on the ACE Lab general aviation research.


University of Alberta is one of our academic collaborators.


nGRAIN transforms the sustainment of complex equipment with 3D performance support solutions.  NGRAIN increases equipment readiness by accelerating learning on complex equipment, enabling first-time-right performance, and reducing maintenance cycle time.


CASARA is responsible for training volunteers and operating search and rescue missions across Canada.