Just a quick visit…

All parking meters on campus are programmed based on the rate of $1.75/half-hour time period. P1, P2 and the spaces on Library Road and University drive are all Pay & Display – $14 MAXIMUM 4-HOUR RESTRICTION

  • P1 (Library/Southam Hall) is the parking lot nearest VSIM and can be accessed via Library Road.
  • Street spaces can be found further up Library Road, past the roundabout and also on University Drive near Library Road.
  • P2 (Unicentre) is not too far from VSIM.

Full Day

Be prepared to walk 5 to 10 minutes to the VSIM building.  Don’t forget to Pay & Display (credit cards are accepted)

$14.00 ALL-DAY PARKING (No Time Restrictions)

  • P9 (Admin. Garage, levels 2-3)

$11.00 ALL-DAY PARKING (No Time Restrictions)

  • P6 (north of the Residences)
  • P5 ( Athletics ).

$8.00 ALL-DAY PARKING (No Time Restrictions)

  • P7 (Anniversary Park)

More Parking Information

For more information please visit the Carleton University Parking website.