1. ACT to Employ – Students
    1. Access to Paid Placements
    2. Support with Disclosure and Accommodations
    3. Job Search and Placement Support
  2. How can I register?

ACT to Employ – Students

ACT to Employ helps students with disabilities find paid experiential learning opportunities that align with their academic and career goals. ACT to Employ also supports students with disabilities in opportunities they have obtained independently (e.g. Co-op, Work Study, SaPP, iCUREUS, on-campus part-time jobs, external jobs, etc.).

To participate in the program, book an appointment with our Student Counsellor through accessing mySuccess (via Carleton 360).

By registering with ACT to Employ, you are welcome to access all of the specialized services including:

Access to Paid Placements

ACT To Employ aims to place students with disabilities in employment opportunities on campus and in the community, and to provide them with hands-on quality work experiences while they obtain their post-secondary degree to increase their employability skills, network connections, and confidence.

There are three ways you can become employed through ACT to Employ:

  1. Dedicated job board for ACT to Employ registrants
  2. Support with the self-directed job search process
  3. Monthly and mid-monthly newsletters with resume call-outs from employer partners

Support with Disclosure and Accommodations

The ACT to Employ team supports students with the process of communicating accommodation needs to employers as requested. As part of the ACT to Employ program, employers are understanding and supportive of hiring students with disabilities. Our employer partners will receive information on specifically requested accommodations during the application process and work term.

For participation in the ACT to Employ Program, it is not required that students disclose any information about the nature of their disability.

If you have questions about disclosure or want to discuss how to disclose to an employer, please reach out to ACT to Employ Student Counsellor, Jenna Lambert

Some examples of common accommodations provided by employers may include:

  • Providing applicants with interview questions ahead of time
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Adding computer software such as text to speech or screen magnifiers
  • Alternative communication methods
  • Moving the workspace to an environment that is quieter or with better lighting

Job Search and Placement Support

The ACT to Employ Student Counsellor is available to support students with all aspects of the placement process from job search to placement and beyond. This can include:

  • Resume review, job search, self-directed job search, interview preparation with the Student Counsellor, Jenna Lambert
  • Placement check-ins and ongoing counselling appointments
  • Bridging for new grads to community supports and opportunities

How can I register?

Current students and alumni can register with ACT to Employ to access support and receive notifications about recruitment events and specialized programming. By joining the ACT to Employ Program, you can receive ongoing e-mail notices about job postings, notices about employment-related workshops, and upcoming learning opportunities.

Once you are registered, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to book an appointment.