Photo of Jie (Peter) Liu

Jie Liu

Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 8257
    Building:Mackenzie, Room ME 3146
    Degrees:B.Eng. (Tianjin), M.Sc. (Lakehead), Ph.D. (Waterloo)


    Dr. Jie (Peter) Liu is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

    Dr. Liu received his B.Eng. in Electronics and Precision Engineering from Tianjin University (China) in 1998, his M.Sc. in Control Engineering from Lakehead University (Canada) in 2005, and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo (Canada) in 2008. Prior to his graduate studies, he worked at Invensys Controls Inc as a Product Engineer and then Production Manager for three years. Before joining Carleton, he worked as an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Berkeley for one and half years.

    Dr. Liu is leading research efforts in four innovative areas: 1) Condition Monitoring and Health Management. This research endeavors to develop advanced techniques to improve the system diagnostic and prognostic reliability in various safety-critical applications, e.g., aircrafts, power plants, chemical plants, in various cost-critical applications, e.g., spacecraft, offshore wind turbines, and in various volume-critical applications, e.g., automotive assembly lines, and large manufacturing facilities. 2) Mechatronics and Intelligent Control. This research contains two thrusts. The first thrust aims to develop a self-contained roadway power harvesting system for vehicle kinetic energy recovery, and the second thrust intends to develop an intelligent and powerful robotic vacuum that possesses the functionalities in mapping, planning, and memory and can really mimic the way an adult person does cleaning. 3) Magnetic Sensor and Smart Sensing. This research intends to develop next-generation super-sensitive low-field magnetic sensors. Based on the emerging quantum tunneling technology, the sensors to be developed will possess the potential to replace the currently-existing eddy current sensors thanks to their advantages of high sensitivity, small size, low cost, and low power consumption. 4) Battery Management Systems. This research aims to develop advanced lithium ion battery thermal/electrical/health management systems for more reliable, more efficient, more compact, lighter weight, and longer cycle life energy storage.

    Research Interests

    • Machine and Structure Condition Monitoring
    • Prognostics and Health Management
    • Magnetic Sensor and Smart Sensing
    • Mechatronics and Intelligent Control
    • Battery Management Systems
    • Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence

    Student Opportunities

    • Self-motivated graduate students with strong academic background, studying towards either Master’s or Ph.D. degrees, will be recruited on an ongoing basis. Interested students should contact Prof. Liu for more information.