Thank you for your interest in graduate studies under my supervision.  I appreciate that it takes considerable time and effort on your part to find potential supervisors and programs that suit your interests and career plans.  If you would like to be considered for any potential openings in my group, please take note of the following before you contact me:

  1. I will only consider candidates who have already applied to Carleton and whose applications are in our system.  Please include your Carleton ID when contacting me.
  2. For security reasons, I do not open any attachments from Gmail, Hotmail or similar.  I will only open and review documents that have been submitted as part of your application to Carleton.
  3. Except in very exceptional cases, I will only consider candidates with the equivalent of an A- GPA (80%) or better.
  4. Candidates must have evidence of strong written and oral English communication skills beyond just having acceptable scores on TOEFL tests.  For example, peer-reviewed publications in high impact international journals where you were the lead author.

If you are interested in Carleton for graduate studies, please review our application requirements and procedures:

If you have not taken the time to read and understand the above before contacting me, I cannot be confident that you would be able to complete a complex independent research project under my supervision.  As an additional explanation as to why it is important that you be able to read and follow the above instructions please see the following: