Arthur Kroeger College houses the flagship undergraduate program of Carleton University’s Faculty of Public Affairs, the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) degree. This limited enrolment program combines interdisciplinary study of civic institutions in local, national and international contexts with the rigorous study of public policies and their administration.  The Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management and the Bachelor of Global and International Studies Program are affiliated with the College and are located in the River Building. The Master of Political Management (MPM) is a graduate degree that provides a professional foundation for political advising and policy advocacy. The Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree that focuses on international relations, international affairs, and global connections beyond the state. If you are interested in engaging deeply with public issues, making a difference, and succeeding in a changing world, Arthur Kroeger College offers programs that provide you excellent foundations on which to build your future.