The Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) degree is a limited enrolment (competitive entry) policy studies program, housed in the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs. It combines the interdisciplinary study of institutions and public issues in local, national and international contexts with the rigorous study of public policies and their administration.The BPAPM was created as a direct response to the challenges faced in civic society and the growing need for university graduates who can work effectively in different policy environments. Our graduates have pursued a wide range of policy-related careers that influence public life and make a difference.

This multifaceted program is structured around a core curriculum of exclusive courses in political and economic theory, policy design, policy management and policy research. This core of policy studies is complemented by a broad selection of courses offered by contributing departments in the Faculty of Public Affairs (Political Science, Journalism and Communication, the School of Public Policy and Administration, the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Economics, Law and Social Work) as well as the Sprott School of Business. These courses provide a solid foundation for understanding civic life and the various factors that come into play in shaping society. Students have the choice of four specializations offering nine policy areas for further study.

The BPAPM provides a wide array of experiential learning opportunities (co-op, internships, placement intensives) that take full advantage of Carleton’s location in the national capital. The BPAPM is a versatile degree that opens doors to a wide range of policy related careers domestically and internationally in public service, politics, non-governmental and private sectors, as well as future graduate and professional studies.