Carleton University has closed all non-essential services in order to follow recommendations from Ottawa Public Health.  The Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program is therefore operating online and staff are working remotely.  For assistance, please contact the office at:, and your email will be redirected to the appropriate contact.  Please note there may be a delay in response time. For more information, please check out Carleton’s CO-VID 19 FAQ page.

Thank you.

The PAPM Team

The influence of public policy is pervasive in our society. It affects the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. It affects prosperity and the extent of poverty, as well as our access to education and medical care. It determines the duties and powers of our officials at home and overseas. It influences the pace of technological change, the reach and practical meaning of our rights, and the extent of poverty.

As a student in the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program (BPAPM), you will examine a wide variety of issues facing society today, as well as institutional challenges, and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to address them