Students in the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) Program must register in PAPM 4908 Honours Research Essay (HRE) in their final year. This course constitutes one credit (1.0 CR). The intention is that the topic area of the essay relate to policy issues relevant to the student’s Specialization within the degree. However, the project can take a wide range of forms, resembling an academic study more than a policy paper, and because of the wide range of possible topics and approaches, the faculty colleagues who kindly agree to supervise a BPAPM Honours Research Essay come from across the Faculty of Public Affairs, and indeed from across the University as a whole.

HRE Guidelines for Students

HRE Guidelines for Supervisors

HRE Dates & Deadlines – September 2020 to April 2021

To Be Submitted: To Be Completed By: To Be Submitted to: Deadline Link
Supervision Consent Form Student BPAPM September 23, 2020 Supervision Consent Form
Research Essay Proposal Student Supervisor November 12, 2020
Proposal Grade Report Supervisor BPAPM November 16, 2020 HRE Proposal Grade Report
Final Honours Research Essay Student Supervisor April 2, 2021
Final Grade Report Supervisor BPAPM April 16, 2021 HRE Final Grade Report
Copy of Final Honours Research Essay Student BPAPM April 16, 2021