Experiential learning is an important aspect of the BPAPM program. Workplace placements are introduced in the first year through Kroeger Policy Connect and a large portion of our students take advantage of co-op, internships and study abroad options throughout their upper years. Check out a more in-depth look at the experiential learning opportunities available to our students below.

Kroeger Policy Connect

Students in their first year of the BPAPM Program will have the opportunity to participate in Kroeger Policy Connect in the winter term. Kroeger Policy Connect (KPC) is a program designed with and for first year BPAPM students to meet their unique needs.

KPC is a three-part experiential learning opportunity that enables students to move beyond theory to explore practical applications of public policy and public affairs, connect with workplaces and professionals in the capital, participate in professional development, and engage in an immersive, problem-solving workshop on a current local, national, or international issue with a workplace partner. KPC is designed to support students throughout and after their degree; workplace partners devote time to discuss specialization choices and introduce students to development, internship and job opportunities. To learn more about KPC, check it out on Facebook or Twitter.

Study abroad

Carleton has agreements with universities around the world to help you earn your degree abroad. With an average of B or better after first year, you can apply for a student exchange. This involves spending one or two terms studying public affairs in a university located in Asia, Africa, the Americas or Europe. These study terms enrich your life experience and allow you to view Canadian public policies and priorities in a comparative context. The Exchange Program allows Carleton University students to attend a partner university abroad while paying Carleton tuition and earning credit toward their Carleton degree. More information about international exchanges is available on the My Exchange website.


Carleton’s International Internship Program partners with a variety of unique international organizations to provide students with valuable work experience in their field while experiencing life in a new country and culture. Students must apply to the International Internship Program as a first step. Once accepted, students will be supported in finding an internship of interest, as well as in the months leading up to and upon return from their internship experience. Positions are unpaid, but students receive academic credit as part of their internship (Course: IPAF 3900 is half a credit and for a 6-week internship, IPAF 3901 is a full credit and for a 12-week internship). More information is available on the International Internship Program website.


Students admitted to the Co-op Option program must satisfy the normal requirements for the B.P.A.P.M. degree program as well as the requirements specific to the Co-op Option in order to graduate with a “Co-operative Option” notation. Co-op work terms provide students with opportunities to integrate their academic experience with applied aspects of public affairs and policy management in government, not-for-profit, private or voluntary sector organizations.

Admission Requirements
Students who are registered full-time and have achieved a GPA of 9.0 or better after 10.0 credits are eligible for admission to the Co-operative Option. Students can be considered for this Option only if they are eligible to work in Canada. Only Canadian citizens may apply for co-operative work terms with Public Service Commission.

The Work Term/Study Sequence
Students admitted to the Co-op Option normally begin their first work term placement on completion of year two in the BPAPM. program. The normal requirement for Co-op notation on the transcript is satisfactory completion of three work terms. Work terms are normally four months in duration and the timing of the employment terms is flexible. Students on a work term may concurrently take no more than one 0.5 credit course.

Co-op Placement Fees
A placement fee will be charged concurrently with each Co-op work term supervisors. For more information, visit the Co-op website.