Every year the PAPM program offers incoming students the opportunity to connect with third and fourth year PAPM students as mentors during their initial semester of the PAPM program. It is our hope that this connection will help to ease the transition for first year students by providing them with a connection to someone who was in their shoes just a few years prior. First year students are automatically enrolled in the program, but we do ask that they complete the Mentee Intake Form linked below for matching purposes. The PAPM Mentorship Program is a leadership opportunity for upper-year students to support others and help ensure a smooth transition to university. Interested upper year students should read through the position description below and complete the Mentor Application Form linked below to apply. 

Upper Year Mentor Position Description:

Mentors engage in one-on-one mentoring with up to 4 first-year students. PAPM Mentors will meet bi-weekly with each mentee for the first 8 weeks of the Fall term (September to end-October). They will also be required to attend Academic Orientation in September. Mentors are responsible for communicating with their mentees and reporting their meetings/contact to PAPM staff.

Mentors will participate in a mandatory virtual training day in late August. Mentors who complete all of the tasks associated with being a PAPM mentor are eligible to receive a notation on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR). 


  • Enrolled as a third or fourth year standing student in the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program of Carleton University in the 2023-2024 Academic Year  
  • Good Academic Standing  
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, organization, judgement, and time management skills  
  • Compassion and empathy for others & knowledge of campus resources


  • Meet with each mentee one-on-one bi-weekly for 8 weeks (September to end-October) 
  • Build positive rapport with mentees  
  • Respond to all emails from mentees within 48 hours   
  • Follow up meetings with online correspondence  
  • Complete online meeting reports at the conclusion of each meeting  
  • Complete evaluation at the end of the program  
  • Attend virtual training day during the program taking place end of August
  • Attend PAPM Academic Orientation
  • Act in accordance with your role as an ambassador and representative of Arthur Kroeger College and the Faculty of Public Affairs  
  • Operate within the limits of training and expertise as provided and practiced in mentor training 


Mentee Intake Form (for first year students)

Mentor Application Form (for upper year students)