This story was originally published by the Faculty of Public Affairs on Thursday, January 30, 2020.

Faculty of Public Affairs students arrived at the National Arts Centre on January 28th with big smiles and parents, family, and friends in tow. More than 400 people filled the Canada Room, overlooking the iconic Rideau Canal and the Senate of Canada Building. Dean André Plourde noted it was the first time the event had been held off-campus and took the time to acknowledge the students being honoured.

“We are here to celebrate our students who have worked so hard, who have made sacrifices, who have persevered in the face of adversity. We are very proud of you,” he said, inviting an enthusiastic round of applause.

He also praised the parents in the audience who may have endured late night phone calls in their childrens’ quest for academic achievement. The students in turn applauded their parents and supporters, as well.

Lastly, Dean Plourde encouraged the students to consider the Faculty’s international experience opportunities, as well as the accelerated pathways available for master’s degrees.

In all, 1100 undergraduate students were named to the Faculty of Public Affairs Dean’s Honour List. Here are just a few who received the honour this year:

Photo of Danielle Akhibi with her mother

Danielle Akhibi with her mother

Danielle Akhibi, Political Science (4th year)
“Many of my professors had experience working in the field and that knowledge is inspiring me towards my goal of being a diplomat.”

Photo, Sancho Angulo (left) and Brian Mitchell

Sancho Angulo (left) and Brian Mitchell

Sancho Angulo, Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) (4th year)
“This was an extraordinary journey. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the faculty and support staff.”

Brian Mitchell, Criminology (2nd year)
“I think the key is to surround yourself with positive people who influence you and help bring you up.”

Lalla Maiga

Lalla Maiga, Communication and Media Studies (3rd year)
“My highlight was the first year seminar. I met all of my friends there and it really grounded me in the communication program.”

Grace Girotte

Grace Girotte, Communication and Media Studies (3rd year)
“A lot of my program involves writing and it’s developed so much. My writing has improved and I have learned how to accept feedback. It’s been really helpful.”

Rebecca Sattaur

Rebecca Sattaur, Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) (3rd year)
“Whenever I feel stressed, I tell myself, ‘Do your best and trust that will be enough.’ You have to believe in yourself.”

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor, Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) (2nd year)
“I’ve always wanted to study this and when you are doing something you are interested in, the stress falls away because you care about it.”

Madison Venngopal

Madison Venngopal, Law and Sociology (2nd year)
“My parents told me, ‘Don’t think outside the box because you have to understand the box.’ You have to understand the issues first before you can change the world, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Keean Nembhard

Keean Nembhard, Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) (5th year)
“It’s a lot of work, but if you truly love what you are doing, everything gets so much easier.”

Sabreen Sidhu (left) and Silas Xuereb

Sabreen Sidhu, Economics (3rd year)
“It’s hard to procrastinate when you don’t have time to procrastinate.”

Silas Xuereb, Economics (graduated in 2019)
“I am planning to do graduate school and focus on solutions to income inequality.”

Jonathan Torell

Jonathan Torell, Journalism (2nd year)
“I chose electives that I enjoyed—that helped me get through the tough courses last year.”

Justine Ricketts

Justine Ricketts, Journalism (4th year)
“I was balancing school work and a job, so I used timetables to block out the entire month. That’s how I got everything done.”

Yusuf Yapici

Yusuf Yapici, Economics and Political Science (4th year)
“I treat school like a 9 to 5 job: that’s how I keep up with the work of a combined major. My next step is a master’s degree.”

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