Dr. Derek IrelandDerek Ireland is a Fellow of Arthur Kroeger College. He received his PhD from the School of Public Policy in 2009 and was an instructor at the Arthur Kroeger College from 2009-2012. Over this four-year period, he taught the winter term of PAPM 1000: Introduction to Public Affairs and Policy Management.  Since receiving his PhD, Dr. Ireland has continued to conduct research and consulting studies, make conference presentations, and prepare published articles, on competition and consumer policy and law, regulatory reform, and behavioral law and economics. This research is giving major attention to the competition and consumer law and other regulatory challenges of developing and emerging market economies.

For example, in 2011, Dr. Ireland was Team Leader of a consulting group that worked with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat to improve the design and enforcement of competition and consumer policy and law across SADC’s 15 member states.  In the same year, he presented a paper on Canada’s “escape” from the subprime mortgage crisis to the second CUTS-CIRC Conference on Economic Regulation in New Delhi.

In 2013, he presented the paper ““Is Behavioral Economics Ready for Competition Policy and Law and Related Market Regulation? Or Should We Reverse The Question?” to the Canada Law and Economics Association Conference in Toronto Canada; and in May 2014, Dr. Ireland presented a paper on the “Regulatory Compliance Paradox” to the Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association held in Vancouver.

Dr. Ireland would be happy to discuss his research with any of you.  His email address is djirel@sympatico.ca