Here are some of our current projects:

  • Sites, a suite of user-friendly conservation tools for protection and stewardship decisions we constructed with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
  • Using value of information techniques to help decide when we should gather more information and when it makes sense to act on the information we have
  • Maximizing the benefits of citizen science for informing conservation actions
  • Developing tools to optimize conservation of places, threats, or species
  • Predicting the trajectories of species invasions, and optimizing management to prevent invasive species impacts
  • Determining the key threats that lead to population declines in migratory species
  • Helping to show the importance of conservation partnerships with Indigenous landowners
  • Predicting the number and locations of remaining occurrences of threatened species
  • Helping to determine when easements or purchase are most appropriate for conserving land

We’re always happy to collaborate, so if you think we can help with something, please get in touch.