One of our goals at the MathLab is develop valid and reliable measures of mathematical skills that can be used by researchers.  Each measure can be downloaded for free to use for research purposes.  If you use the measure in a published study, let us know, and we will post the link on this website.  We hope that having simple, accessible measures will enhance researchers’ ability to compare across age groups, cultures, and samples.

The Calculation Fluency Test (CFT) is used to assess arithmetic fluency.

The Order Judgement Task is used to assess adults’ symbolic number ordering abilities

The Rapid Magnitude Comparison tasks (RMC-Symbolic and RMC-Nonsymbolic) can be used to assess magnitude comparison fluency for symbolic (1 5) and nonsymbolic (**  ***) stimuli.

The Speeded Processing Task is a measure for adults or children and requires the participant to quickly and accurately name the presented stimuli.