NMR Spectrometers

A picture of the avance 300 NMR spectrometer
Bruker AVANCE 300 (116 SC)

  • Two channel spectrometer
  • BBFO probe
  • VT capabilities

A picture of the ECZ 400 NMR spectrometer
JEOL ECZ 400 (116 SC)

  • Two channel spectrometer
  • BB(19F/1H) Royal probe

XRD Instruments

Rigaku benchtop mini II diffractometer

Rigaku XtaLAB Mini II Single-Crystal Diffractometer (427 SC)

  • Benchtop diffractometer
  • Two-circle goniometer
  • HyPix-Bantam Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector
  • Sealed fine focus Mo X-ray source
  • Oxford Cryostream 800 sample cooling controller

Panalytical empyrean powder x-ray diffractometer

Malvern Panalytical Empyrean Powder Diffractometer (238 SC)

  • Multi-purpose theta-theta system
  • Sealed Cu X-ray source
  • PIXcel 1D detector
  • High-temperature sample stage available