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Chemistry is all around us. Often called the central science, chemistry examines the processes that produce our food, clothes, medicines and hundreds of materials we use every day. Where can we see chemistry in our daily lives? Chemists have developed compounds that save lives and relieve symptoms of disease. Chemists have also made important contributions to radiation therapy, water purification and DNA fingerprinting. Chemists have also been behind many of the materials such as plastics, ceramics and nanomaterials that have benefitted society.  However, many problems still remain in the world. Pollution, global warming, disease, and malnutrition are but a few. These problems will be better and more quickly solved by a society that understands and appreciates the role chemistry can play in contributing to solutions. Learn More.



Winter term guest speakers announced

During the fall and winter terms, the Chemistry department hosts a series of lectures given by guest speakers/visiting professors. Check out the line up for the winter 2016 term now posted here.... More

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First-year chemistry professor Robert Burk on YouTube

First-year chemistry professor Robert Burk shares his passion for chemistry in new promotional video. Check it out here.... More

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Ottawa Citizen covers research being conducted in Professor Maria DeRosa’s lab

“Boar taint” is a foul smell that is sometimes given off when cooking pork. Professor DeRosa is working on finding a solution to this problem which only involves male pigs. Read the full story here.... More

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