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Department of Chemistry



Chemistry has and continues to contribute greatly to the well-being of mankind. Developments such as pharmaceutical drugs, Kevlar, Gortex, and many other synthetic materials that we now use are taken for granted in our daily lives. However, many problems remain. Pollution, global warming, disease, and malnutrition are but a few that involve chemistry. These problems will be better and more quickly tackled and solved by a society that understands and appreciates the role chemistry can play in contributing to these solutions. Learn More.



Chemistry research benefits farmers and the environment

The Ottawa Citizen profiles Chemistry professor Maria DeRosa and her work on “smart fertilizers’. Fertilizers that release plant food when it’s needed. Read the full story here... More

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Next OCCI lecture is Monday, Sept 28

Professor Eric R. Gauthier from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Laurentian University will present the next OCCI lecture entitled “Hooked on glutamine: The Achilles’ heel of cancer cells’. The lecture will take place on Monday, September 28 at 1 pm in Room 210,... More

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Mass Spectrometry Centre opens at Carleton

The Steacie building, which houses Carleton’s Chemistry department and labs, is now also home to the new Mass Spectrometry Centre which officially opened on September 23. Read the full story here.... More

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OCCI lecture

OCCI lecture

Monday, November 09 - 1:00 PM

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