The department of Chemistry at Carleton University is a hotbed of diverse academic programs, innovative research and enthusiastic faculty and staff. We offer a variety of undergraduate programs in Chemistry, Food Science, and Nanoscience.  The department also offers graduate degree programs in Chemistry, in Chemistry with a Specialization in Chemical and Environmental Toxicology, and in Chemistry with a Concentration in Food Science and Nutrition.

On our staff, we have faculty members specializing in various disciplines of chemistry such as Nanotechnology, Environmental Chemistry, Enzyme Chemistry, and Organic and Polymer Chemistry, Inorganic Bioinorganic, Nucleic acids, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Materials, Atomic Layer Disposition, Biophysical Chemistry, Biosensors, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Organic Pollutants, Ecological Chemistry and Ecotoxicology.

All our faculty, staff and main office are housed in the Steacie Chemistry building. At the core of the building is the Steacie Superlab which was built at a cost of $5 million in 2008. This state-of-the-art lab can accommodate several classes at the same time, all working on different experiments. Visit the Superlab website for more details.