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Chemistry is a fundamental science that helps us understand the building blocks of matter and life. Chemists work to discover new materials and processes that can improve our lives. As a student interested in chemistry, you can enroll in programs and courses in all the main areas of chemistry, including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical, and environmental chemistry. Concentrations in Nanotechnology and Chemical Toxicology re available. Extensive lab experience is offered, helping you round out your studies with practical experience.

Award-winning teachers deliver courses that offer a combination of interactive lectures, laboratory work, field-based experiential learning opportunities like Co-op, and research experiences. Entrance scholarships and bursaries can help you get started.

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Benjamin Weiser (right) with Dr. Carlos Vivo-Vilches (left) at AEL AMS Laboratory

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Visit our Research Strengths page to learn more about our work in Human and Ecosystem Health, Molecules and Materials for Sustainability, Food Safety, Security, and Analytical Methods, Machine Learning and Big Data as Tools for Chemistry Research, and Chemistry Education. You can read about the specific research interests of our Chemistry Faculty through their profiles and lab websites.