A Variety of Interdisciplinary Approaches

Admin Staff Schedules

Until February 4th, work will be carried out remotely by administrative staff (Andrea, Judy and Karina) as per the Message from the President December 17th).  All offices in the College will be closed. As noted in the latest Message from the President, barring another dramatic change in the trajectory of the pandemic, we will re-open our facilities (following public health regulations) and resume our in-person courses (as per the winter 2022 schedule) and activities on Monday, February 7, 2022. All classes will continue online until Friday, February 4, 2022.

Greek and Roman Studies: GreekAndRomanStudies@cunet.carleton.ca
Humanities:  CollegeOfHumanities@cunet.carleton.ca
Religion:  Religion@cunet.carleton.ca
Digital Humanities:  DigitalHumanities@cunet.carleton.ca

The College of the Humanities was founded in 1996 in order to provide an undergraduate education for students drawing on all the traditional Arts subjects through the Bachelor of Humanities degree program. The interdisciplinary character of the College has since been enhanced by the addition of two further degree programs, a Bachelor of Arts in Greek and Roman Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. As well as the Master in Religion and Public Life, a collaborative Master in Digital Humanities and several minors.

Each program housed within the College has its own interdisciplinary approach. Together, our programs allow faculty and students within the College of the Humanities to benefit from each other’s study of the various Arts disciplines.