Carleton University acknowledges the location of its campus on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin Nation. The College of the Humanities also acknowledges the Kinàmàgawin Final Report and we are committed to working on responding to the Calls to Action.

Admin Staff Schedules

The College of the Humanities administrative staff is working a hybrid schedule. Please see our on-campus schedule below. If the staff member is not on-campus, they can be reached by email.

May on campus (300 PA) every Monday, Wednesday (except the 4th and 18th), Thursday, the 5th, and Friday, the 27th. (300 PA)  every Tuesday, as well as Friday the 6th & 20th. (2A39 PA) every Thursday (except the 5th), Wednesday the 4th and 18th, and Friday the 13th.

Greek and Roman Studies:
Digital Humanities:

The College of the Humanities was founded in 1996 in order to provide an undergraduate education for students drawing on all the traditional Arts subjects through the Bachelor of Humanities degree program. The interdisciplinary character of the College has since been enhanced by the addition of two further degree programs, a Bachelor of Arts in Greek and Roman Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. As well as the Master in Religion and Public Life, a collaborative Master in Digital Humanities and several minors.A Variety of Interdisciplinary Approaches

Each program housed within the College has its own interdisciplinary approach. Together, our programs allow faculty and students within the College of the Humanities to benefit from each other’s study of the various Arts disciplines.