The Humanities—History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, and the Arts

In the Bachelor of Humanities, students read the world’s most influential books, and explore the world’s most exciting ideas in literature, philosophy, history, art, music, political theory, and religion. Humanities students study everything from Plato to Gandhi, from Medieval architecture to the Tao Te Ching, from Italian Opera to contemporary film.

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Bachelor of Humanities Overview

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Understand Yourself and Your World

The Humanities allow human beings to ask fundamental questions about themselves and the world around them, to define their values and recognise ethical truths, and to express their thoughts and create new works of imagination. The study of the Humanities equips today’s students with an understanding of our cultural heritage, with an awareness of the complexity of human experience, and with the courage to think independently. These are the abilities they need to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Indulge Your Love of Reading

Carleton’s Bachelor of Humanities allows students to study all of the Humanities disciplines in a single program, by reading a Curriculum of the Great Books that have expressed the height of humanistic thought over the past millennia. Humanities students have a love of reading, writing, and debating. They discuss the books with professors in small, friendly discussion groups, and professors give individual attention to each student’s writing.

Meet Kindred Spirits

Humanities students form an intimate community of like-minded friends who inspire and support each other. They form life-long friendships in their classes and through extra-curricular events such theatre trips, art shows, and music nights.

Learn Valuable Skills for an Interesting Career

Humanities students graduate with exceptional research, writing, and communication skills, which give them a distinct advantage in their chosen career paths. Our graduates are able to analyze complex ideas and communicate them clearly and confidently. Humanities graduates have found exciting careers in law, education, business, international affairs and international development, public policy, journalism and communications, the arts, medicine, and health policy.

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Combine the Humanities with a Particular Discipline

The Bachelor of Humanities may be taken as an Honours degree, where most of a student’s courses will be within the Humanities program. Normally, however, Humanities students combine Humanities with another discipline to receive a Combined Honours degree in Humanities and another subject, or an Honours degree in Humanities with a Minor in another subject. Humanities may also be taken in three special degree streams: Journalism and Humanities, Humanities and Biology, and Humanities with a Study Year Abroad.


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What you will study

Carleton University acknowledges the location of its campus on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin Nation. The College of the Humanities also acknowledges the Kinàmàgawin Final Report and we are committed to working on responding to the Calls to Action.

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