Bachelor of Humanities students may spend a year abroad studying philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy, of the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U. Leuven), Belgium, one of the best Continental Philosophy departments in the world. Although the K.U. Leuven is a Flemish-speaking university, and the Institute of Philosophy has a complete program of study in English.

General Information

Application Procedure

If you are cleared by Professor MacIsaac, then before you go:

  1. Apply to the K.U. Leuven for the 3-year B.A. in Philosophy—by March 1st.
  2. Apply to the Belgian consulate for a study VISA—As soon as you receive your acceptance to Leuven.
  3. Apply to begin the Letter of Permission process to transfer courses back to Carleton—Before the LOP deadline.

While you are working on these three steps, you must also:

  • Make a list of your remaining Carleton Graduation Requirements, in order to prepare for choosing courses.

Finally, after your arrival in Leuven, you must:

  • Choose your courses and inform the Carleton Registrar of your choices, to complete your Letter of Permission process.

Make a list of your remaining Carleton Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Humanities, you must satisfy all of the requirements of your degree. These add up to 20.0 Carleton credits, which is the equivalent of 20 full-year courses.

(Courses that don’t fulfill any graduate requirements sit ‘extra to degree’ on your audit, and don’t count towards the 20.0 credits you need to graduate).

You may transfer credits from Leuven back to Carleton only if they fulfill one of your graduation requirements. In order to see what graduation requirements you have left at Carleton, do the following.

  1. Decide whether to do a Combined Honours in Humanities and Philosophy or the Honours in Humanities with a Study Year Abroad
  2. Print out your current audit and the Course Progression Chart for the Combined Honours or for the Honours with a Study Year Abroad.
  3. Using the Course Progression Chart as a worksheet, cross off the courses that you have completed.

What remains on the Course Progression Chart are your Carleton graduation requirements.

Choose your courses once you are in Leuven

Once you are in Leuven, sit in on as many courses as you can in the first week or two in order to see which ones interest you the most. Once you have an idea of the courses you would like to take, you then choose as many of those as you can that you have to take.
The courses you have to take satisfy two sets of requirements:

  1. Your Carleton Graduation Requirements
  2. The Bachelor of Humanities-Leuven Study Year Abroad Certificate Requirements.

Note that the Bachelor of Humanities-Leuven “Study Year Abroad” Certificate Programme is the name of the course of study that all Humanities students do in Leuven. Some will do it by completing a Carleton “Combined Honours” degree, and others will do it by completing a Carleton “Humanities Honours with a Study Year Abroad” degree. The Leuven course of study has the same name as one of the B.Hum. degree streams because Prof. MacIsaac did not plan very well when he set it up and did not anticipate the confusion.

Once you have chosen your courses, get in touch with the Carleton Registrarial Specialist who was assigned to you, and send them your course choices.

It bears repeating that it is crucial that you keep in touch with your Registrarial Specialist, and inform them of your course choices once you have made them. Failure to do this will make it very difficult for you to get Carleton credit for the courses you take in Leuven.