Archived Course Outlines (Fall 2008-Spring 2015)

All HUMS Courses (other than HUMS 1500) are restricted to students admitted into the Bachelor of Humanities Program.

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Fall 2016 Winter 2017

First Year

HUMS 1000 Myth and Symbol (F/W) Winter 2017 Schedule
HUMS 1005 Early Human Cultures Resource Page (W)
RELI 1731 Varieties of Religious Experience (W)
HUMS 1200 Humanities and Classical Civilization (F)
CLCV 2008 Greek and Roman Epic (F)
CLCV 2010 Greek and Roman Drama (W)

HUMS 1500 Introduction to Humanities — Five Books that Changed the World (W). Note: Open to students in the Bachelor of Arts program. B.Hum students may not take this course. *Not offered F/W 2016-2017.

Second Year

HUMS 2000 Reason and Revelation (F/W)
RELI 2710 Maccabees to Muhammad (F/W)
HUMS 2101 Art from Antiquity to the Medieval World (F)
HUMS 2102 Modern European Art (W)

Third Year

HUMS 3000 Culture and Imagination (F/W) Winter schedule of lectures
HUMS 3200 European Literature (F/W) Course Objectives
HUMS 3102 Western Music 1000-1850 (F)
HUMS 3103 Western Music 1850-2000 (W)

Fourth Year

HUMS 4000 Politics, Modernity and the Common Good (F/W)
HUMS 4103 Science in the Modern World (W)
HUMS 4104 Modern Intellectual History (F)

Fourth Year – Research Seminars

HUMS 4902A Research Seminar:  Renaissance to Enlightenment-Spinoza’s Ethics (F)
HUMS 4902A Research Seminar:  Renaissance to Englighenment-Tudor Queens: Sex, Power and Writing in the Lives of Katherine Parr, Elizabeth I, and Mary Queen of Scots(W)
HUMS 4904A Research Seminar:  Non-Western Traditions-The Philosophy of Avicenna (W)

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Fourth Year – Research Seminars


HUMS 4902
HUMS 4902
HUMS 4903


HUMS 4901 The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas — Erik Stephenson
HUMS 4902 Studies in Renaissance Literature On the Paradoxes of Human Nature:  Shakespeare’s Problem Comedies and The Discomposure of a Genre— Donald Beecher


HUMS 4901 Utopian USA: A Survey of the Utopian Impulse Within American Culture — Brian Greenspan
HUMS 4903 Witchcraft, Crime & Social Disorder in Early Modern England — David Dean


HUMS 4901 — Plato’s Later Dialogues: TheaetetusParmenidesSophistStatesman — Gregory MacIsaac
HUMS 4903 — Revolutions in Romantic Literature — Paul Keen
HUMS 4904 — The History of Satan — Kimberly Stratton


HUMS 4901 — Saints and Pilgrims — John Osborne
HUMS 4904 — Being and Imagination in Medieval Thought: The Metaphysics of Ibn Arabi — Mohammed Rustom


HUMS 4901 — The History of Satan — Kimberly Stratton
HUMS 4902 — The School of Sentiments: Emile and the Theory of Moral Sentiments — Geoffrey Kellow
HUMS 4903 — The Galileo Affair — W.R. Laird
HUMS 4904 — Mahatma Gandhi Across Cultures — Noel Salmond


HUMS 4901 — The History of Satan — Kimberly Stratton
HUMS 4903 — Justice and the Public Good in the Literature of Renaissance England — Donald Beecher
HUMS 4904 — Plato’s Theaetetus — Gregory MacIsaac


HUMS 4901 — Aristotle’s Metaphysics — Gregory MacIsaac
HUMS 4902 — The Galileo Affair — W.R. Laird
HUMS 4903 — The Intellectual Origins of Liberal Capitalism — Geoffrey Kellow
HUMS 4904 — Tragedy — Andrew Wallace