1. Humanities Academic Advising
  2. Reduced Course Load
  3. Humanities Mentorship Program
  4. Peer Mentorship Program
  5. Student Support and Wellness

Everyone needs help sometimes, and it is a sign of maturity to ask for the help that you need. The Bachelor of Humanities program and Carleton University have many resources that we are happy to place at your service.

Humanities Academic Advising

One of the best things you can do is meet with the Humanities Academic Advisor, Prof. Geoffrey Kellow, on a regular basis. You should meet with him early on in your first semester at Carleton, and whenever any academic questions come up. You can schedule an in-person or virtual appointment via Calendly. If you need to cancel your appointment, email Andrea McIntyre to let her know.

Reduced Course Load

5.0 credits over the fall and winter terms (or 6.0 with an “Overload”) is the maximum course load for degree students. However, it is by no means the “norm.” Many students, for a variety of reasons, choose to take a reduced course load in first year and sometimes throughout their undergraduate degree. As a result, it can take some students an extra year or so to graduate. And that’s okay! Completing your degree is by no means a race. What’s important is that you enjoy your university years, succeed academically, and leave Carleton with excellent transferrable skills and a credential. Considering a reduced course load? Read this page for more information.

Humanities Mentorship Program

Every student in the B.Hum. program who chooses can participate in our Mentorship program. Your mentor can be a writer, diplomat, lawyer, teacher, businessman or businesswoman, senior civil servant, Member of Parliament, academic, poet, artist, etc. — the choice is up to you. Mentors serve as friends and advisors, and also introduce students to their profession and to the larger world, giving them a better sense of the lives and careers open to them.

To participate in the Mentorship Program, please contact our Mentorship Coordinator, Prof. Erik Stephenson.

Peer Mentorship Program

The Bachelor of Humanities provides students with the experience of a small liberal arts college and lets them feel part of a caring intellectual community. Upper-year ‘Peer Mentors’ welcome junior Humanities students to the program, making them feel at home in the College. They help their mentees transition to university life and can answer specific questions about Humanities as well as more general questions about being a student at Carleton. They support their assigned students by checking in with them throughout the semester, and by organizing and hosting informal tutorials and hang-out sessions.

If you are a first year student and would like to be assigned to a mentor, please fill out this form.

Student Support and Wellness

Get Help Now

Carleton provides various accessible resources and services that allow you to maximize and manage your mental health and well-being, even when you aren’t on campus. Carleton University wants you to know that we are here to support you. No matter where you call home across the world, there are many support services and resources available to support your mental health.

Health and Counselling Services provides in-person and virtual counseling appointments through telephone or video options.

This is your hub for wellness resources at Carleton and beyond. As we navigate unexplored territory, we are here to support you virtually during this difficult time.