How to apply to the Bachelor of Humanities

Authoritative and complete application instructions for the Bachelor of Humanities program are on Carleton’s Undergraduate Admissions page. The following information is provided only for convenience.

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Choose one of three Degree Options, leading to Five Degree Streams

Applications to the Bachelor of Humanities or Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities degree from Canadian High School students, during the normal admissions cycle, are made through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). Late applicants should contact the college directly.

The OUAC Codes are found under the College of the Humanities, and give two options for the Bachelor of Humanities and one for the Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities.

Option A

OUAC Code: Option A — Bachelor of Humanities — CBC
Option A leads to one of three degree streams. Students in all three streams have the same requirements in first year. Students normally decide in their second year which stream they wish to complete.

 Option B

OUAC Code: Option B — Bachelor of Humanities with Biology — CBD
Option B is for applicants to the fourth degree stream. This stream is for students intending to go on to medical school after graduation.

Option C

OUAC Code: Option C — Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities — CJH
Option C for applicants to the fifth degree stream, the joint degree offered by the College of the Humanities and the School of Journalism.

Application Requirements for the B.Hum and B.J.Hum for current High School Students

Enter in First Year

Students normally enter directly into the B.Hum. or B.J.Hum. in their first year of study at Carleton. However, it is possible for students to transfer in to the B.Hum. or B.J.Hum. at the beginning of their second year. See Transfer Students, below, for details.

High School Courses

All applicants must have the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, including a minimum of six 4 U/M courses (Grade 12 courses).

  • For Option A, Bachelor of Humanities, there are no subject requirements.
  • For Option B, Bachelor of Humanities and Biology, applicants must have either 4U Chemistry or 4U Biology or an equivalent.
  • For Option C, Journalism and Humanities, applicants must have 4U English or an equivalent.

Minimum Grades

Normally, students must have an admissions average of 80% or more to be accepted into the Bachelor of Humanities or Humanities and Biology program.

For the Journalism and Humanities program, students normally have an admissions average of 85%—88% or more. However, since the number of qualified applicants is normally greater than the number of available spaces, cut-off averages and required marks for admission may be higher than this in any given year


For the Bachelor of Humanities and Humanities with Biology:

  • Students with an admission average below 80% must submit an admissions portfolio along with their application in order to be considered for the program.
  • Students with an admission average of 80% or more are not required to submit an admissions portfolio, but they may do so if they wish.

There is no Portfolio option for applications to the Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities.

Your portfolio should include:

1.  Required: One piece of critical writing between five and eight pages long. This can be an essay written for a high-school class or another similar piece of work. It should demonstrate your ability to explain and analyze some problem or subject.

2.  Required: One three or four page personal statement. In this personal statement, you should explain:

a) What your high-school experience has been like and how it has prepared you for the Bachelor of Humanities. Mature applicants may write about their life experience.

b) Your understanding of the Bachelor of Humanities program, and what you expect to gain out of studying the works in the Humanities curriculum.

c) A general account of who you are as a person. What are your hobbies, interests and extracurricular activities?  What attracts you to the Humanities program?

3. Optional: You may also include a piece of artistic or performance work, but this is not required.

Portfolio format and deadline

Please do not mail your portfolio as campus is closed right now.  Email your portfolio to the College of the Humanities Office by March 1st:

Transfer Students

Apply directly after one year of University

Students already in their first year of university study are encouraged to apply to transfer into the program. Upon admission, Carleton students who had already declared an honours subject can choose to complete their degree as a Combined Honours with Humanities.

Bachelor of Humanities and Humanities with Biology

Students who are currently in or who have completed their first year, at Carleton or elsewhere, are encouraged to apply to transfer into the Bachelor of Humanities program. Normally courses already completed will count towards your Bachelor of Humanities degree.

  • For information on how to apply to transfer from outside Carleton, please see the Carleton Admissions page.
  • If you are a current Carleton student, contact us for the procedure to transfer into the program. Internal transfer students often complete a Combined Honours in their current subject and Humanities.

Normally offers are made to transfer students with an overall CGPA of 8.0 (B) or higher. Transfer students may be asked to complete an Admissions Portfolio. Contact us for details.

Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities

Transfer from the B.J. or the B.Hum. to the B.J. Hum.

A student who has completed the first year of the B.J. or B.Hum. in Good Standing may apply to transfer into the second year of the B.J. Hum. and will be accepted at the discretion of the School of Journalism and the College of Humanities, and must normally have an overall CGPA of 10.00 (A-) or higher. Transfers into higher years will not be considered.

Students who wish to transfer into the B.J.Hum. program from either the B.J. or B.Hum. should contact the Undergraduate Advisor of the program which they are currently not enrolled in.

Transferring from the B.J.Hum. to the B.J. or the B.Hum.

A student who wishes to transfer from the B.J.Hum. to the B.J. or the B.Hum. may apply through Admissions and will be accepted if, upon entry to the new program, they would be in Good Standing.

A student who fails any Academic Performance Evaluation (A.P.E.) and who is consequently on Academic Warning or who must leave the B.J.Hum. program with Continue in Alternate (CA) may transfer into the B.J. or the B.Hum. only if they would be in Good Standing upon entry into their new degree.

When will you Know if you are Accepted?

Carleton begins sending offers of admissions to the highest ranked applicants in January. But it continues to send out acceptances on a rolling basis. You will receive notification as soon as a decision is made.

Note that students who are required to submit an entrance portfolio cannot be admitted until the portfolio is received and evaluated. See above, under Portfolio.

If you have Applied to more than one Program at Carleton…

Carleton offers admission to only one program at a time. If you are eligible for more than one program, you will be sent an offer of admission to the one that you ranked highest on your OUAC application form.

If you receive an offer for another program at Carleton, your offer may include a separate sheet stating that you are also eligible for the Bachelor of Humanities.

If you are eligible for the Bachelor of Humanities and you would like to receive an offer of admission to it, please contact Admissions Services at 613-520-3663. If in doubt, Contact the College of the Humanities directly.


Carleton has a generous array of Scholarships for the Bachelor of Humanities.

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