The Bachelor of Humanities and Biology offers broad training in the Liberal Arts and Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. It is designed for students who intend to apply to Medical School but can be taken simply out of a desire to combine Humanities with Science training. Students combine the insights into nature given by modern science with the insights into the human spirit given by the Great Books.

francis bakewell

Francis Bakewell (B.Hum. 2010), Resident Physician in Emergency Medicine, Ottawa Hospital.

Science and the Great Books

Students spend 8 dedicated credits in Science, and 9 credits in the Humanities, and have 3 electives to spend as they wish.

Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four
Core — Myth & Symbol Core — Reason & Revelation Core — Culture & Imagination Core — Politics, Modernity & the Common Good
Greek & Roman Literature Origin of Judaism, Christianity & Islam European Literature Research Seminar
Anthropology & Religious Practice Language Requirement History of Art Biology or Biochemistry elective
Introductory Biology Genetics & Plant or Animal Biology History of Music Biology or Biochemistry elective
Introductory Chemistry Cellular Biology Microbiology & Organic Chemistry Biology or Biochemistry elective

Students can choose between a more and a less mathematics-and-laboratory intensive version of the degree, depending on whether or not they plan to go to Medical School. For details, please consult the course progression chart for the Bachelor of Humanities and Biology degree. See also the overview of other Humanities degree streams.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Humanities and Biology

Since program’s inception in 2008, many graduates of the Bachelor of Humanities and Biology have gone on to careers in medicine and other related health fields. To read about their career paths please see our Alumni Profiles.

Aleksander Godlewski, B.Hum. and Biology 2015

How to Apply to the Bachelor of Humanities and Biology

Please consult our How to Apply page. The Humanities and Biology instructions are under “Option B — Bachelor of Humanities with Biology — CBD.”