This page points you to a series of resources to help you understand the requirements of your Humanities degree.

The Humanities Curriculum

For an overview of the four years of your degree, visit the Program Overview and the Curriculum pages.

Degree Requirements

Handbooks and Registration Guides

  • BHUM and BHUM Biology First Year Registration Guide for Fall 2023
  • BJHUM First Year Registration Guide for Fall 2023
  • Student Handbook Fall 2023

Your Audit

Your audit is the authoritative guide to the requirements you must meet in order to complete your degree at Carleton. It tells you which courses you have already taken, which ones you are registered in now, and which ones remain to be taken in the future. In addition, it shows:

  • Your year-standing (first, second, third, or fourth)
  • Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • Your academic standing (i.e. Good Standing, Academic Warning, etc.)
  • Any minors, concentrations, or specializations you have added to your degree

You are the one responsible for making sure your requirements have been met to graduate, so you must learn to read your Audit.

Calendar Entry

Current program requirements may be found in the Undergraduate Calendar entry for the Bachelor of Humanities and Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities. These requirements govern entering students.

Current students should follow the degree requirements listed in their Audit, as they are governed by the requirements in place in the year when they were admitted, as indicated by ‘Catalog Year’ in the top right (YYYY30 means 2020 September entry) of their Audit.

Streams and Progression Charts

For detailed Progression Charts for the Bachelor of Humanities, Humanities, and Biology, and Journalism and Humanities, visit the Degree Progression Charts page.

Language Requirement

For details on how to fulfill your Language Requirement, visit the Language Requirement page.

Course Outlines

For course outlines, visit the Current Course Outlines or Archived Course Outlines pages.

Study Abroad

For instructions on how to spend your third year abroad, visit the Study Abroad page.

Getting Help

To make an appointment with the Humanities Undergraduate Advisor, or for information on Mentorships, or resources available for your physical and mental health, visit our Getting Help page.